Tsu’s – Hand Engraved Mechanical Watches by Tsu Ifan

Tsu’s is a dynamic new brand founded in 2015 in the Chinese cultural capital of Hangzhou. Drawing on the 2200 years of his city’s history, designer and jeweler Tsu Ifan creates pieces unique and historical with a modern sense of design.

Tsu’s began in custom jewelry design and fabricating but a passion for watches soon gave way to their creation. Ifan’s interest in natural history has led to timepieces that do more than acknowledge the hours of the day, they acknowledge the eons of history, with natural themes arising in both ancient and modern animal kingdoms.

There are stories behind each watch design. Each story involves months of scientific study and research. He puts minute into each piece trying to achieve realistic texture and proportions in steel or gold whether it be portraying feathers, bone, or animal skin. Full concentration makes you feel like you are peering through blades of grass directly into the animal world.

Vivid realism is what these timepieces represent, what the spirit of the brand founder infused in every details pushing the limits of realism, so that the value each watch soon grows in the user’s mind beyond the amount of mere materials and labor. They are fashion statement cultural and environmental awareness for the owner and all the entourage surrounding it.

Since Tsu’s founding in 2015, its primary clients have been in either China or the US, where he has won national recognition for his creative talents and perspectives. In 2019, Tsu presented his Dust to Dust Watch in Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) which marked this young brand’s next step towards conquering the world stage, with a fresh outlook in design coupled with intensive detail in the execution.

Tsu’s Dust to Dust Watch

With this timepiece, the brand takes us to era of dinosaurs. Master Engraver Tsu Ifan created the Dust to Dust of the Thriving Planet Collection where a miniature version of a complete tyrannosaurus skeleton is presented on the Shakudo dial just as how it looked when archaeologists unearthed it from the 66 million-year-old stratum.

With 24k gold overlay, the artist sculpted every piece of bones with stunning details in their finest miniature scale. An absolute accuracy is maintained in replicating the skeleton so that you can literally count exactly 70 bones of the vertebral column of the dinosaur from its neck to tail.

This stainless steel watch houses a meticulously decorated mechanical movement that can be admired through the sapphire crystal back. 24k gold inlay borders divide the surface into 3 areas like earthquake rifts. A keen observer will find a triceratops’ skull amongst fine curves of weeds in one area while its smashed jaw lying beside a tyrannosaurus’ footprint in another area.

Tested for a water resistance up to 30 meters, the watch case measures 42mm diameter and 11.8mm thickness. The leather strap of the watch features the skin of claws of eagle. Retail price of this watch is approximately 24’300 CHF.

Awards & certifications

  • 2013 Primary Design and Craft Artist by Hangzhou Government
  • 2016 Emerging Artist by Firearm Engravers Guild of America
  • 2016 Editor’s Choice by Firearm Engravers Guild of America
  • 2017 President’s Award by Firearm Engravers Guild of America
  • 2018 Master Engraver Certified by Firearm Engravers Guild of America
  • 2018 “The Ultimate” on TEDxTalk
  • 2019 Best “Metal on Metal Inlay” by Firearm Engravers Guild of America

Website: https://www.tsuifan.com/

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