DWISS (Design Watch Independent Switzerland) is a young multi-design-awarded Swiss micro-brand that focuses on innovative time-telling techniques. While keeping Swiss tradition in watchmaking, DWISS watches deviate from it by showcasing the time in formats never explored before.

The brand produces state-of-the-art Swiss Made timepieces. Its vision of innovation does not comprise solely the design of a unique time display system. DWISS is the first company to produce a Niobium watch, awarded with the IDA (International Design Award); it is also one of the first watch brands to accept cryptocurrency as payment method and to make their watches available in augmented reality.

Present in important watch fairs like Basel World, and Hong Kong watch and Clock fair, both in 2015 and 2016, DWISS since 2017 is concentrate in online sales, in this change bring DWISS most remarkable collections.

The watch collection M2 launched in 2016 was two-time design award winner, with DWISS’s signature display system, in which hour hand was removed and hours are displayed through a disc that runs under the multi-layered dial and fulfils the hours’ windows with a colourful continuous rotation disc. The company was granted the IDA for the second time and the ePDA (European Product Design Award) for the first time, prized in a ceremony held in the European Parliament in Brussels.

In 2017, the company launched a new collection- DWISS R1, winning for the second time the ePDA, and for the first time the IAI design award, a collection that comes in two lines that represent time differently: RS1 uses the signature time display system, and RC1 uses the “mysterious” time display and represents a centralized hour disc at the 12 o’clock mark. DWISS R1 models come encased in bodies that comprise both luxury and sporty. This collection has four varieties of movements, Tourbillon, Automatics, Mechanical and Quartz.

Tourbillons are among the most challenging and difficult mechanisms ever created in the watchmaking history. Making DWISS not only one of the most disruptive micro-brands around, but also one of the few ones to have such complications in its movements.

DWISS was created by Rafael Simoes Miranda, a Brazilian born naturalized Italian designer, who has been designing watches for more than a decade, with a portfolio of more than 300 watches designed for different brands and personalities, including a limited-edition watch for Sir. Richard Branson. Awarded with important international design awards, like the Red Dot Design Award, Rafael also taught watch design in Milan-Italy, before founding the company in 2011.

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Corso Elvezia 16, Lugano, 6901, Switzerland
Website: www.dwiss.com

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