Auffret Paris “Tourbillon à Paris” Subscription Series

Auffret Paris is a horological atelier established by young watch maker Theo Auffret.

Theo Auffret was born in 1995. He began his training as a restorative watchmaker, in parallel with his baccalaureate studies, at Dupont’s, in Pontoise. In 2012, Auffret joined as a restorative watchmaker apprentice at Denis Corpechotin, the horological workshop in Paris where he explored historical clocks and watches. In Paris, he met master watchmaker Jean-Baptiste Viot who offered him the chance to continue his apprenticeship in his workshops.

Auffret Paris “Tourbillon à Paris”

At Jean-Baptiste Viot manufacture in Paris, Theo Auffret learnt more about precision clocks and watches. During this period, he also became an expert in machining chronometer components, and construction and prototyping of watches.

After his apprenticeship programme with Jean-Baptiste Viot, Theo left Paris and joined an independent horological workshop in Neuchâtel in Switzerland. This small atelier works as subcontractors for major companies and employed an international team of talented watchmakers.

Theo Auffret at F.P. Journe “Young Talents” 2018 Contest

In 2018, he participated in the F.P. Journe “Young Talents” contest in Switzerland and won award for his “Tourbillon à Paris” timepiece. Back in Paris, Theo went back to the workshops where he had completed his apprenticeship, working on clock-making projects and restoration of ancient watches, and he decided to set up his own workshop on the river Seine and to concentrate once more on construction.

With his high-end and artisanal production of the “subscription series”, the watch maker offers highly exclusive and custom made mechanical timepieces for discerning clientele. Customers can choose from a wide variety of materials, colors and special options in order to create a unique watch suited for their demands and personality.

The “Tourbillon à Paris” watch houses a manual wound movement and boasts a regulator style display on its silver, gold or platinum dial.

Crafted from platinum, gold, silver or steel as per customer’s choice, the watch case measures 38.5mm diameter and 12mm thickness. The watch will be fitted with a custom made leather strap with engraved buckle.

The retail price for the “Tourbillon à Paris” subscription series is 108,000 Euros (out of taxes and special demands). The estimation of delivery time is 10 month for an order confirmed in September. Auffret Paris makes only 5 watches maximum per year and the subscription series will be limited to 20 timepieces.

The “Tourbillon à Paris” subscription watch will be delivered in a bespoke wooden case manufactured by Walter Bellini, along with a custom travelling leather box created by David Colin.

Technical details

Manual winding
50 hours power reserve
Side pallets escapement, balance with fine adjustment screws, spiral without regulator
18,000 alternations per hour 2.5 Hz
Main plate and bridges decorated with coal
Signed and numbered movement

Regulator display
Silver, gold or platinum dials
Hand turned hands

Material: Choice of platinum, gold, silver or steel case
Dimensions: 38.5mm diameter without crown and 12 mm of thickness
Hand-molded mineral glasses or sapphire glasses

Custom leather strap
Engraved buckle

Bespoke wooden box, made of white ebony and pear tree
Travelling leather box with silver buckle and nubuck interior
Choice of wood species, ebony boards and compartments of the box
Choice of leather for the travelling « marmotte » and casing of the wooden one
Gold or silver stamping of the customer’s initials

Contact details

Theo Auffret
Horloger constructeur
Paris, France

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