Founded by Benjamin LAVIZZARI and Raphaël RAPIN, VALPIN is a Swiss watch brand that produces limited series watch models with high quality complications. All models meet the Swiss Made criteria and include movements developed by major watchmaking companies.

In 2014, the two protagonists challenge each other to develop a watch that knows how to respond to their mutual vision of watchmaking. The sketches that were made, allowed them to imagine the possibility of composing a variation of several models from an identical technical drawing. The VALPIN brand name is a partially reversed contraction of two syllables of the founders’ family names, Benjamin LAVIZZARI and Raphaël RAPIN.

Benjamin Lavizzari is a specialist in banking economy and real estate expert. He looks after Lavizzari the brand’s entrepreneurial and commercial management. Raphaël Rapin who trained as a designer, also co-managed a communications agency before moving into events. Raphaël is responsible for the artistic and technical management of the VALPIN brand.

In 2018, VALPIN brand launched its first models – LR03, LR05, LR05N and LR06.

Contact details

Chemin de la Cocuaz 7
CH-1253 Vandœuvres

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