David Rutten DR-01 Streamline

Founded by David Rutten, a designer based in Brussels and Malik Bahri, the watchmaking blogger who has more than a decade of experience in Swiss luxury watch industry, David Rutten watches is introducing its debut creation, the DR-01 Streamline.

As a space and watch enthusiast, David Rutten took up his new venture with fresh eyes, uncontaminated by the watchmaking skylight. His intention was to bring about something new to the business: a brand based entirely on cases composed of an untapped material: iron meteorite.

Iron meteorites (also known as the octahedrites) are extremely rare. There are about 3 tonnes of metal meteorite falling on the earth per year, compared to 3,000 tonnes of gold from the mines each year. It also presents a unique aspect, an alloy of iron and nickel. Those metals merged in weightlessness, cooling down for billion years during the creation of the universe. They form into a crystal pattern, diamond-shaped, found on earth in precious stones and crystals.

David Rutten DR-01 Streamline watch

The meteorite that used for this first model is the MuoNioNalusta, a meteorite fallen about a million years ago in Scandinavia and discovered in 1906. Its genesis actually goes back 4.6 billion years, which makes it the most ancient material on the face of this planet, as it dates back to the early days of our solar system.

For his first model, the DR01 “Streamline”, David Rutten thought up a design that honours this extraterrestrial metal. He reinterpreted a classic of Art-deco, the guichet watch, in order to minimise the reading area, leaving maximum space to the cut meteorite. Each case will be unique.

David Rutten DR-01 Streamline watch

This configuration complies as far as possible with the key principle, “less is more”. If the dial steps aside, ergonomy remains a central element of creation. The aperture is large, in order to ensure optimum readability for all. This is possible because of its generous case size of 37mm in width, and a curved design that will fit any wrist size.

David Rutten DR-01 Streamline meteorite watch

In this rather mysterious design, the dial is replaced by discs, a jumping outer hour disc and a dragging one for minutes and central seconds. The hour is read in line, from the top to the bottom, H,M,S. The hour jump is immediate, for the exclusive mechanical caliber enjoys a contemporary conception, even if its features are traditional: manual winding, 120-hours power reserve, frequency of 4hz (28800 bph), 33,3mm diameter, Côtes de Genève decoration, Ruthenium treatment.

David Rutten DR-01 Streamline manual-wound movement

The DR01 “Streamline” model will be proposed by subscription for the launch of the brand. The owners of a David Rutten DR01 Streamline will be asked to pay a 40% deposit at the time of order placement, and the balance at delivery, by the end of 2019. This is how the first customers will directly finance the production. In the course of this launch subscription, the 88 pieces will be available for €8500, instead of €15000.

Technical details

Metal meteorite case, octahedrite (official name: Muonionalusta) found in Sweden in 1906
Polished titanium bottom and crown
Dimensions: width 37mm, length 53mm, thickness 12mm
Glasses: front and back in sapphire, anti-reflective coating.
Waterproof: 5 ATM

Ref: DR01
Dimensions: 33.3mm soit 14 ¾ lignes
Frequency: 28800 a/h
Power reserve: 120h (5 days) by two hand-wound barrels
Rubies: 31

Jumping hours, minutes, seconds
Digital by aperture

Black Python, handmade. Pin buckle in polished titanium

3 years

Limited series of 88 pieces

Website: https://davidrutten.com

Production Update (18 Feb 2020)

The subscription:

  • The production of the first 35 Streamline has started.
  • Delivery will take place before Baselworld 2020.
  • The price in Euros was pegged to the Swiss Franc. New price is €9200, or $9999, and remains CHF9850. This will not affect those who already paid in euros, even partly. The price originally agreed stays the same.

Product modifications

  • As announced during the launch of the subscription, the indexes will evolve into straw yellow, brighter than the original gold used on the prototypes.
  • The bridges will be beveled by hand, and the Côtes de Genève will be softened.
  • The Muonionalusta will be covered by a transparent DLC in order to ensure maximum protection from impact.

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