Wimmer Fortis Space Watch

Fortis Watches AG has announced its partnership collaboration with Wimmer Space on producing a “Per Wimmer” Fortis Space Watch.

Per Wimmer, philanthropist, global financier, author, adventurer and astronaut is expected to be the first private Dane in space as a founding astronaut on Sir R. Branson’s Virgin Galactic mission and will be flying to space on SpaceShipTwo wearing the Fortis watch next year. The Fortis Wimmer Watch is the ideal space tool giving Per Wimmer and his fellow astronauts all the metrics they need for making dreams reality on their mission to space.

Starting in 1912 founded by Water Vogt, Fortis has maintained a strong reputation in Swiss watch manufacturing. Their space story began in 1960 with the Spacematic models given to one of the Gemini-Crews.

The first Cosmonauts Fortis watch flew into space in 1994 with the Russian Roscosmos space program after being tested over and over in the Russian Space laboratories. Russian cosmonauts still wear it to this day as part of their official space equipment. A newer, more advanced model was realised in 2004, the B-42 Official Cosmonauts, breaking the record as the watch with the most hours not just in space but in outer-open space. It was worn on Extra-Vehicular Activity missions for more than 11 hours in outer space while performing repairs on the outside of the International Space Station.

This heavily space proven tool watch has inspired the ascent of many other space ventures such as the current Fortis Mars Amadee-18 watch project with the Austrian Space Forum. The next big Fortis space mission is this collaboration with astronaut Per Wimmer.

Per Wimmer, founder of Wimmer Space in 2000, Wimmer Financial in 2007 and Wimmer Family Office in 2011 as well as partner in Wimmer Horizon, is an experienced global financier. Prior to founding Wimmer Financial, Per Wimmer was an equity advisor at MF Global / Man Securities, formerly part of the USD 60bn asset manager, The MAN Group.

Per Wimmer also worked at Collins Stewart, now Canaccord, in a similar sales on trading capacity. From 1998 to 2002 he worked in New York and London for Goldman Sachs & Co. Per left the investment bank as Executive Director for Institutional Sales of European Equity products advising Scandinavian-based financial institutions.

Per holds a Master of Public Administration degree from Harvard University with concentrations in business, finance and international relations. Per also holds an M.A. from College of Europe, Belgium and a Master of Laws degree from the University of London as well as a B.A. and an M.A. degree in law from the University of Copenhagen.

Per Wimmer is expected to be the first private Dane in space, as a Founding Astronaut on Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Space Ship Two. Having completed all of his space training, including flying Russian fighter jets, extensive centrifuge training (high G-training), weightlessness and zero gravity training, he is awaiting the completion of the rocket vehicle test programs after which he will launch into space.

The goals of Wimmer Space are to get Per Wimmer through extreme adventures, including space and, in the process, to inspire children to live out their dreams – whatever they may be and to encourage their interest in space and science.

Within Wimmer Space, adventure travelling has taken Per Wimmer to live with the Indians of the Amazon Forrest, skiing at the highest skiing facility in the world at 5,500 metres in Bolivia, snow scootering 200 km North of the Polar Circle in Lapland near Kiruna Sweden, free diving off the West Coast of Australia, flying water jet packs and helicopters. Per visited more than 80 countries, and on October 6, 2008, he wrote world history, together with Ralph Mitchell, by successfully completing the world’s first tandem sky dive over the highest point on Earth, Mount Everest.

In July 2019 Per will attempt a 3.8 km (12,500 ft) deep submarine dive into the Northern Atlantic Ocean to explore the infamous Titanic shipwreck. Per will be wearing the Wimmer Fortis Space Watch on this expedition reaching a whopping 400 atmospheres of pressure outside the sub. This will be Per’s second attempt to the world’s most famous shipwreck, after the Russian government put a halt to the 2011 mission just 7 weeks before the planned dive.

This time everything is set and ready to go as Per will embark the MV Havila Harmony, Dive Support Ship, from Newfoundland for a 9-day adventurous mission between July 13th – July 22nd 2019. Titan, Ocean Gate’s submersible, will take the divers on a 3-hour journey down 3.8 km (12,500 ft) deep all with the Fortis watch designed to withstand the most extreme of conditions.

Three dives will take place during the duration of the mission, each dive lasting approximately 9 hours; a three hour long descend, three hours of exploration of the area around the shipwreck and a three hour ascend back up. The sub is highly sophisticated with its titanium and filament wound carbon fibre, designed to withstand pressures of up to 400 atmospheres, making it the world’s only 5-person manned submersible capable of reaching 4,000 meters.

Currently less people have visited the Titanic shipwreck than space, as less than 200 people have performed the dive in comparison to just under 600 people having visited space. Per will be the first Dane to visit the shipwreck making a dream come true on his second attempt to the Ocean’s depth.

Introducing a new era of deep-sea exploration adventurers, researches and scientists will be able to observe our planet’s most valuable resources from an entirely new perspective. This mission has only been ever completed by a small number of people, and is a great opportunity to see the wreckage first hand.

Wimmer Family Office focuses on conservative wealth management including bespoke investment portfolio solutions and core investment trend-following strategy through the Wimmer ETF Plus Fund.

Wimmer Financial is an international corporate investment bank with a global reach through a network of partners and global corporates. Wimmer Financial provides, among other things, large corporate credit lines from $ 50 M for global project finance, renewable energy, oil and gas, mining, real estate development, infrastructure, aviation, shipping as well as corporate acquisition debt finance and other hard asset financing.

Wimmer Horizon LLP, a London-based CTA Fund Manager, which is an award-winning established systematic fund manager with a 20+ year track record of successfully managing large portfolios for large institutional clients. The Wimmer Horizon proposition uses scientific, engineering and behavioural disciplines to capture market behaviour and delivered a robust and skewed risk/return profile.

The program utilises proprietary techniques based on Digital Signalling Processing (DSP) approach and a unique Pattern Recognition (PR) methodology. Fundamental to this approach is cutting-edge research and innovative model development reinforced by an institutional class infrastructure.

The Wimmer Fortis Space watch will be the first of many collaborative efforts between Wimmer Space and Fortis as they both take pride in adventure and exploration. The watch will be worn on both the dark wonders of the cold Atlantic floor bed and the inhumane conditions of life beyond the Karman Line as Per continues to set records alongside Fortis’ pioneering support.

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