Fears Watch Company Offers Servicing For All Fears Watches Made Since 1846 with New ‘Fears Heritage’ Division

British watch maker Fears launches ‘Fears Heritage’, a new division established to cater to owners of Fears watches made between 1846 and 1976. Fears Heritage offers a range of services and straps designed to ensure all Fears watches can continue to be used and enjoyed.

FEARS vintage sterling silver pocket watch, circa 1846
FEARS vintage sterling silver pocket watch, circa 1846

The launch of Fears Heritage follows the launch of the Fears Owners’ Club in January 2019, which is free to join for anyone who owns a Fears watch made since 1846. The launch of the Club revealed how many people still own and regularly use older Fears models, with the oldest piece dating from the 1850s.

FEARS vintage automatic watch with rolled gold cushion case, circa 1970
FEARS vintage automatic watch with rolled gold cushion case, circa 1970

Over the past three years, Fears has gradually been restoring the watches in the Fears Archive and is pleased to now offer this service to owners. Each watch serviced via Fears Heritage is returned to its owner with an extract from the Fears Archive.

FEARS vintge watch, circa 1924, with sterling silver cushion case
FEARS vintage watch, circa 1924, with sterling silver cushion case


The Fears Heritage division offers servicing on both wrist and pocket watches ranging from a simple part repair through to a full service and restoration. As a bespoke service, a free quote is provided first (detailing all required work, including which components are to be kept original and unrestored) before the work is carried out by a master watchmaker.

With the youngest of the watches covered by Fears Heritage being over 40 years old it can often be the case that spare parts are no longer available, at which point components can be made from scratch.


The Fears Heritage division also offers new custom-made straps for all vintage Fears wrist watches. Each strap is bespoke and handmade to fit the specifics of the watch. Since the earliest models’ date from the 1920s, this includes straps made for watches with fixed spring bar. The straps are made to the owner’s wish, either from the 80,000 colour combinations offered in the Fears Custom range, or recreating the original strap fitted to the watch when it was first sold.

Commenting on the launch of Fears Heritage, (4th) Managing Director Nicholas Bowman-Scargill says, “I’m delighted we’re able to launch the Fears Heritage division, which is something I’d always hoped Fears would be able to achieve. Between its launch in 1846 and closing in 1976, Fears produced many high-quality watches in Bristol that found owners across the UK and around the world. The watches made during this 130-year period are of huge interest to me personally as they are the creations of my forbearers. Following the launch of the Fears Owners’ Club at the start of the year, we have been contacted by many Fears owners who are still wearing their vintage watches and who were keen to have them cared for by the company who originally made them.

At Fears we believe our history shouldn’t just be a source of inspiration, but that we also have a duty to look after the watches we’ve made over our 173-years. Being the great-great-great-grandson of the original founder, Edwin Fear, it means a great deal to me to have established stronger links both with the previous incarnation of Fears and to my family’s history.”

  • Fears Heritage servicing starts from £400 inc. VAT.
  • Fears Heritage straps start from £125 inc. VAT.

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