Zannetti High Jewelry Masterpiece Collection – Fantastic Jewelry

The ZANNETTI high jewelry master piece collection combines the most challenging Italian gem-setting techniques from the jeweler’s bench with the highest skills of the Swiss watchmaking world. A collection exclusively made of unique pieces, real masterworks of fine jewellery combined with watchmaking expertise.

Zannetti High Jewelry Masterpiece Collection - Fantastic Jewelry

Each one of these amazing timepieces has taken days and weeks of labor to be produced. Master jewellers, designers, watchmakers, precious stone setters and engravers skillfully took turns to create these remarkable cases where precious stones are arranged to form rainbow colors. The movement is a Swiss made automatic caliber.

Zannetti High Jewelry Masterpiece Collection - Fantastic Jewelry watch
Zannetti “Fantastic Jewelry” 18 kt white and yellow gold tonneau case, full pave of diamonds and multicolored precious stones. Visible dial, rehaut in diamonds and rubies. Swiss skeleton automatic movement. Piece Unique

The beauty of a diamond’s sparkle is the result of how well it has been cut. The aspects of cut that contribute most to a diamond’s beauty are proportion, symmetry and polish. Although nature determines the characteristics of a piece of rough diamond, the hands of the master cutter release its fire and brilliance. When a diamond is cut to exacting proportions – neither too deep nor too shallow – light will reflect inside the stone from one mirror-like facet to another and reappear to the eye in a flash of spectral colors. Zannetti diamonds are cut and polished to maximize their beauty – even though such a strict standard requires sacrificing much more of a rough diamond’s weight.