ArtyA Son of a Gun Bullets and Gears Tourbillon 1/1

This latest masterpiece of ArtyA is created as a symbol of what the whole Swiss watch industry is currently going through.

An Allegory of all attacks smartwatches (the bullets)are carrying against traditional Helvetic watchmaking (the gears), but much like the introduction of quartz watches in the 70’s which nearly decimated the luxury watch market; Switzerland must react and innovate to grow safely again.

You can see in this handmade dial the bullets shaking the gears of the Swiss movement that is spread all over the handmade dial. It is interesting to mention that only 3 bullets are used representing the 3 mains players of the smartwatch industry one of which Yvan Arpa worked for.

Smartwatches are here to stay they are convenient and useful. Yvan Arpa’s job as Head of Design for Samsung was to add sleek, stylish touches, making them more attractive and with a longer life cycle which is quite a challenge due to the fast evolving technology.

At the contrary, traditional watches are technological marvels in their own. Tiny moving parts fascinate the eye and incredible mechanical features add a welcome touch of class. Sparkling diamonds, precious metals, and intricate features provide even more visual appeal, a luxury watch is unique, special, and long-lasting.

An ArtyA designed watch never looks outdated – in fact, it lasts an entire lifetime and can even be passed from one generation to the next. We can describe an ArtyA as wearable art, and all come with a very interesting history attached.

Technical details

Bezel: Steel hand engraved
Case: 44 mm steel with ArtyA’s exclusive Choco Gold PVD treatment
Lateral Fiber Carbon inserts
Double anti-reflection sapphire
Engraved and screwed Open Back
Handmade dial decorated with real bullets, real Swiss movement parts, rubies etc
Swiss Manufactured Manual Tourbillon HMS
Total diameter of movement: 30,40 mm
Height of Movement: 4,8 mm
28’800 A/H
23 Jewels
60 Hours Power reserve
Manual winding
Tourbillon rotates in 1 minute
Unique Piece 1/1
Price: 85’000.-CHF

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