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BOMBERG New Watch Models

Launched in 2012, BOMBERG has deep roots in the world of Swiss precision timepieces and is renowned for its bold, offbeat designs. The brand reinterprets and subverts the rules of classic watchmaking to create truly remarkable timepieces.

At Baselworld 2019, the watch brand hosted the exclusive launch of the BB-01 Automatic, a mechanical watch that blends accuracy and style with a provocative energy. Equipped with a Swiss movement and exuding a sporty modernity and originality – as evidenced by its crown at 2 o’clock – the BB-01 Automatic approaches traditional watchmaking with trademark irreverence. Amongst its distinguishing features is its sapphire crystal, which adds an extra layer of brilliance to the details of the dial. This watch is the perfect illustration of the iconic BOMBERG timepiece, oozing strength of character and selfassurance.

In addition to this exclusive, BOMBERG also exhibited its iconic pieces, among them the BB-01 Lady Skylighter, a colourful jewelled timepiece for women.

The BB-68 model features a crown and push-buttons at 12 o’clock – typical of the brand – while the Bolt-68 Racing is available in an XL size and can be transformed into a pocket watch with a medallion and chain. BOMBERG will unveil the special edition Bolt-68 Maya, inspired by ancient Maya art, and the Bolt-68 Jaguar, created in the image of the big cat which, in Maya mythology, was considered a protector of kings.

Alongside the watches, BOMBERG has unveiled a variety of straps, bracelets and accessories. These can be used to transform the Bolt 68 and BB-01 Chain models into pocket watches in next to no time, while the jewellery pays tribute to the famous skulls that frequently adorn BOMBERG watches.


The new Bomberg “BB-01 Automatic” watch is a remarkable modern statement perfect for those who see the true value of this provocative timepiece.

Featuring an elegant and powerful profile and boasting bold colour combinations, this timepiece is equipped with a Swiss automatic movement. Exuding modernity and originality –as evidenced by its crown at 2 o’clock – this urban, sporty piece approaches traditional watch making with trademark irreverence. Amongst its distinguishing features is its sapphire crystal which adds an additional layer of brilliance to the details of the dial. The BB-01 Automatic is the perfect illustration of the iconic Bomberg timepiece, oozing strength of character and self-assurance.

The five models fitted on a perforated silicone strap evoke the power and discipline of the motor racing world. The dial decoration is inspired by the spokes of a wheel, like finely cutout beams which allow the date disc to be glimpsed behind them. Details in anthracite, red, green or blue against a black background match the dots on the strap to great effect.

The BB-01 Automatic is also available in a daring version featuring the provocative symbol which is one of Bomberg’s hallmarks: the skull.

Paired with a real leather strap, in a solid colour, to match the background colour of the dial, it features a stylised black cut-out skull, with Super-LumiNova® in relief. Available in red, blue or grey, it underlines the magnetic appeal that the famous death’s head holds for the living.

Technical details

Movement: 3 Hands Automatic SW200
Case: 43mm, stainless steel/PVD
Watch glass: Sapphire
Strap: Silicone, leather
Additional accessory: Leather strap
Price: from CHF 1’290.-


This jewel of a timepiece is feminine and chic, available in a range of colours. Each model in the collection – called “SkyLighter” because it was designed to sparkle like a  star-studded sky – is elegantly radiant, like a firework which reminds us that life is a celebration.

It boasts an interchangeable black or white satin-finished leather NATO strap, making the watch perfect for sultry evenings or bright, beautiful days. Understated, with the centred logo and crown at 2 o’clock giving it a vintage feel, the round BB-01 Lady SkyLighter is a must for ladies with cutting edge style. Even the buckle is designed to match, in gold, black or steel depending on the chosen strap.

And, for yet more versatility, this piece can be easily transformed into an original accessory: attached to a chain, it becomes a pocket watch or a chic charm for a handbag.

Technical details

Movement: Quartz Ronda 513
Case: 38 mm, stainless steel / PVD
Dial: Set with Swarovski® crystals
Watch glass: Mineral K1
Strap: NATO black or white satin-finished leather
Chain: Not included
Price: from CHF 795.-

BB-68 (Line extension)

The BB-68 chronograph has its crown and pushers positioned at 12 o’clock, one of Bomberg’s signature design features. This configuration is known as “bullhead”, in reference to its bold, muscular profile. It not only serves as an immediate touchstone for the brand, it also ensures unrivalled comfort on the wrist.

The imposing aesthetic of the middle is softened by the gently domed sapphire crystal which amplifies the commanding view of the dial and its counters. These are available in silvery shades and graduations of black and grey. There is, however, one exception: a deep blue dial, perfectly paired with a steel bracelet.

The models in this collection range from vintage chic to a more sporty style. Two of these, with a fluted bezel combined with a leather strap, exude a resolutely retro air and are certain to win the hearts of traditional watch lovers who also favour a touch of originality.

The five pieces available on a perforated silicone strap or steel bracelet are complemented by a bezel with hour markers to highlight their sports aesthetic. The subtlety of the Bomberg brand is sure to appeal to connoisseurs of fine watchmaking that breaks with convention.

Technical details

Movement: Ronda 3520 quartz chronograph
Case: 44 mm, steel /PVD/ 4N PVD
Watch glass: Sapphire
Bracelet/strap: Silicone, steel, leather
Price: from CHF 745.-

BOLT-68 RACING (Line extension)

A stylish irreverent chronograph, this timepiece features the signature traits of BOMBERG writ extra-large: the crown located at 12 o’clock in the “Bullhead” position, and the matching coloured trigger pusher at 11 o’clock. It can be transformed into a pocket watch with a medallion and chain, available separately and worn instead of the strap, which boast finishes to match the chosen case.

The BOLT-68 Racing has the profile to conquer the greats. Beneath its imposing middle are finely crafted counters, numerals, bezel and hands in a harmony of vibrant colours.

When worn with their perforated silicone strap, these four models recall the elegance of the classic watches favoured by racing drivers. Yet, these are remarkably modern and sporty. Three of these models feature lines of colour in striking combinations which cross the dial and extend onto the strap.

The fourth is adorned with a bold royal blue, embodying the total freedom of expression inherent to BOMBERG.

Technical details

Movement: Ronda 3540 quartz chronograph
Case: 45 mm, stainless steel/PVD
Watch glass: Sapphire
Strap: Perforated silicone
Additional accessories: Chain & medallion in steel or black PVD
Price: from CHF 930.-

Bomberg BOLT-68 Special Edition

Bolt-68 Maya

The BOLT-68 collection from Bomberg includes a very special edition inspired by Maya art. In a large format, this timepiece features icons typical of the colourful designs created by the Mayans who were builders, savants and artists. Masks representing deities, motifs with skulls or sacred ornaments are open to interpretation.

This timepiece bears the Bomberg signature “bullhead” at 12 o’clock: this arrangement optimises comfort as the push-buttons and the crown do not press against the wrist. It can also be converted into a pocket watch thanks to a medallion which is available as an alternative to the silicone strap.

Bolt-68 Jaguar

The “Jaguar” model from the BOLT-68 collection has been created as a special series, in homage to this unique, majestic feline. A symbol of power and strength, in Mayan mythology the jaguar is believed to protect kings and rulers. The dial of this timepiece features the powerful jaguar’s head with two piercing brilliant emerald green eyes. The intensity of its gaze is reinforced by the K1 mineral crystal.

Those who love timepieces with bold symbols will find this model has all the ingredients to fulfil their desires: the XL format, Bomberg’s signature “bullhead” and the option to replace the strap with a chain and medallion to convert the timepiece into a pocket watch.

Bolt-68 Pirate

An exclusive pirate-themed model, the BOLT-68 “Pirate” features the iconic skull as a conquering buccaneer. Legend has it that pirates are adventurers, belligerent characters, highly superstitious, an honourable mix of sailor and scoundrel, brave enough to face any danger if there is treasure in sight.

The counters on this special edition “Pirate” timepiece feature historical nautical emblems, such as the ship’s wheel and the wind rose. The hands are represented by glinting gilded pirate swords. The case – in 5N PVD like the crown and push-buttons at 12 o’clock – can also be attached to a chain as a medallion to be worn as a pocket watch.

Bolt-68 NEON V2

The sportiest of the BOLT-68 special series is called the “NEON V2”. Its dazzling blue PVD case is electrifying.

The original and innovative design has a striking futuristic appeal, but the detail of its finishes and its ingenious interchangeable function also ensure this piece makes an impact. In fact, this star timepiece can be transformed – in a flash – into a pocket watch thanks to the medallion and chain designed to give a variety of options. It sports the crown and pushbuttons in the famous “bullhead” position, one of Bomberg’s signature features.

To proudly emphasise its identity, the timepiece bears the name “BOMBERG” (in capitals, of course) as a banner on the silicone strap, written in bright blue to match the colour of the numerals and the hands.

Technical details

Movement: Ronda 3540 quartz chronograph
Case: 45 mm, steel/PVD/5N PVD/blue PVD
Watch glass: Sapphire, K1 mineral
Strap: Silicone
Accessories: Medallion and chain included
Price: from CHF 1’095.-

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