Book Review – Enicar Watches (1913-1988) by Nico Van Dijk

Entitled ENICAR Watches (1913-1988), this booklet by freelance journalist Nico Van Dijk gives some insights to the history of Swiss watch brand ENICAR.

The origins of ENICAR brand can be traced back to 1913 when Ariste Racine of the legendary Racine family and his wife Emma Blatt established a watch making company named ‘Manufacture d’Horlogerie Ariste Racine’ in La Chaux de Fonds in Switzerland.

The name Racine was already registered as a brand in 1870, and for his new watchmaking venture Ariste Racine had proposed a new name “ENICAR”, an anagram of Racine. The “ENICAR” watch company was a major player in Swiss watch making industry until it went bankrupt in 1988.

In 1988, the ENICAR trade mark was acquired by an Asian investor.

The book – Enicar Watches (1913-1988) by Nico Van Dijk – covers some important facts and events associated with the brand starting from the establishment of the “ENICAR” watch company in 1913 to its shut down in 1988. The book also dedicates some pages to great watch making tradition of the Racine family.

The book also features the images and details of some watches under the brand names such as ENICAR, AR (Ariste Racine), Longeau, Alprosa, Racine, Jules Racine and Savillon. Even though it contains less than 70 pages, this book is definitely useful for those who collect vintage ENICAR watches especially made before 1988.

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