Graff Yellow Diamond Watches

Conjuring the sun’s rays and radiating pure joy, the House of Graff’s has an enduring affinity for yellow diamonds. Laurence Graff has long admired their beauty and championed their setting within magnificent jewels. Now synonymous with the House, Graff has become renowned for its yellow diamonds. With a legacy of cutting and polishing many of the world’s most fabulous yellow jewels, for Baselworld 2019 Graff has created unique timepieces that celebrate these exceptionally rare and beautiful stones.

Featuring the rarest and most valuable shade of yellow diamonds – Fancy Vivid Yellow – a timepiece with an oval dial, above, has been crafted in yellow gold to complement the stones’ golden hue. Chosen for their exceptional colour and rich character, each diamond is hand-selected by a member of the Graff family.

The piece comprises 204 diamonds totalling over 32 carats, all of which have been meticulously colour matched to create a seamless stream of vibrant yellow brilliance. A further timepiece is similar in design but features a round dial with a sensational, vibrant halo of oval yellow diamonds.

With each diamond being entirely unique, Graff’s master craftsmen and designers envisaged each watch setting so that all the stones would sit in perfect harmony, almost invisibly, within beautifully articulated yellow gold bracelets.

A close collaboration between Graff’s London atelier and its Swiss watchmaking team, Graff Luxury Watches, every millimetre of the Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond watches has been carefully considered, creating an impeccable synthesis of haute horology and diamond setting. Even the minute gold pin correctors are adorned with a yellow diamond.

The diamonds upon both bracelets are set at slightly different angles to ensure that the watches constantly catch the light, emphasising their colour and brilliance.

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