Introducing Infinite, Mechanical Watch Winders Made in Italy

Italy based mechanical watch winders brand Infinite has announced that for the first time they will be releasing their highly desirable collection of watch winders online.

Infinite is the creation of Nicola Orso, a pioneer renowned as a craftsman in stainless steel and a purveyor of luxury watches. His brand first sent shockwaves in the luxury watch industry in 2015 after a successful display at Baselworld and Top Marques. Since then demand has grown exponentially for watch winders forcing Infinite to take their brand online via

Nicola’s passion for working with fine materials led him down an interesting path; he had always been a keen collector of luxury watches. Combining his love of watches and design was the next natural step for Orsa to take. In 2013 things took an exciting turn as Nicola created Infinite.

His interest and research led him to experiment with materials such as 24k gold and carbon fibre moulding amongst other processing methods ultimately leading to a new style of design, reinventing the creative identity of watch winders.

Nicola Orso’s strive for perfection has led to the creation of some of the finest quality watch winders available on the market.

Designed and made in Italy, every watch winder from Infinite has been completely hand-crafted by experienced artisans to create exclusive and personalised watch winders of the highest quality.

Infinite can exclusively reveal that they are currently working behind the scenes with an international artist to create exclusive pieces in their watch winder collection.

The brand is also planning to collaborate with an international artist this year to create a watch winder like no other. Like all of the watch winders in the Infinite collection, they can be individually customised to reflect the interests and style of the owner. Whether that is customisation of materials or personalised engraving, each watch winder is totally unique and hand made by experienced craftsman. Infinite are looking to up the stakes in 2019 with their new collaboration yet to be announced.

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