Swiss Watch Brand YUNIK to Display Their Latest Models at Basel-world 2019

It has been two years since GROUPE ACHOR SA, a specialist in Swiss Made watches and jewellery, unveiled its new YUNIK watch brand. After spectacular success at Baselworld 2018, the brand is continuing its international expansion. The name YUNIK is designed to reflect the nature of the person wearing the watch, truly unique in the world. Using precious Murano glass reflecting a highly prized Venetian craft dating from the 13th century, YUNIK is determined to capture fashion codes and reinterpret them so as to draw all eyes.

YUNIK is a brand with a modern spirit and its finger on the pulse of current generations, while using a time-honoured material – since Murano glass has been exercising its appeal for more than 700 years. Glass artisans’ trade secrets have enabled them to develop and establish a monopoly on this exceptional know-how. They also contributed to the fame of Murano, the island to which the craftsmen were relocated in 1291 as a precautionary move to avert a devastating fire to central Venice, and in order to protect the secret of their art for the future.

This savoir faire is passed down from generation to generation, with a long ten-year training period required to obtain the title of Master Glassmaker. The artisans work with glass at temperatures of up to 800°C and this ancestral art calls for great dexterity and extreme precision.

Emblematic of Venetian glass culture, Murano glass is not only a noble material, but also embodies an atypical approach to art that provides infinite scope for expression. Expertise in this art involves subtle blends of natural raw materials, such as quartz, limestone, sand, clay and potassium carbonate.

Each creation is therefore atypical but above all unique. YUNIK uses this Murano glass core to create exclusive timepieces graced with shimmering colours and unstructured curves – an achievement further enhanced by the undeniable technical prowess involved in developing a type of glass that is both machinable and highly resistant.

GROUPE ACHOR SA aims to remain closely attuned to its customers and their wishes. Based on numerous consumer surveys, YUNIK is able to understand the expectations of the community members wishing to reveal their personality through a timepiece. For this 102nd edition of Baselworld, YUNIK is presenting 22 new varied and attractive watch lines in three different shapes – meaning 66 models, at prices ranging from CHF 600 to 1000. Small and large round cases or tonneau-type designs; colours interpreting each seasons of the year: the multitude of designs guarantees the unique effect of each personality. Powered by quartz or mechanical self-winding or hand-wound movements, all watches are guaranteed Swiss Made.

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