Artisans de Genève Tribute to 6240 Tropical Limited Edition

Artisans de Genève introduces the Tribute to 6240 Tropical, an exclusive and innovative homage to the legendary Rolex Daytona 6240 model that acquired over time a very special and sought after “tropical” patina.

It took Artisans de Genève several years to achieve a natural oxidation process that would lead to a uniform amber patina. Their skilled craftsmen will carefully prepare each dial and send them to the Bahamas, to mature under the tropical climate. The length of this ageing process will depend on the color of the patina that is expected: Artisans de Genève offers the opportunity to choose the aging times: 5 weeks for a dark patina, 7 weeks for a lighter tone. The Tribute to 6240 Tropical is an edition limited to 15 pieces, entirely made upon request.

The ceramic bezel of the 116520 model has been replaced by a bakelite bezel, an element typical of the models of the 1970’s, entirely handmade on old machines in their Swiss workshops.

Each dial will be reworked by hand, upon request. Artisans de Genève will apply to each dial a special treatment before submitting it to their exclusive natural oxidation process that will make the counters fade into a brown or rusty patina, depending on the chosen maturation time. Each dial will be then finished by hand.

Artisans de Genève paid close attention to the details and replaced the screw down pushers by the longer “millerighe” pushers, entirely crafted in their workshops.

The case of the Tribute To 6240 Tropical has been machined and finished by hand to give it the look of the original model. Each hand is diamond polished so that it acquires the shape of the original hands. As a final touch, the timepiece receives a vintage 12h/6h handmade polishing, another signature of Artisans de Genève.

Artisans de Genève has preserved the original qualities of the Rolex 4130 mechanism while modifying it with their exclusive signature, a 22 ct rose gold rotor, made by hand, that can be glimpsed through a transparent sapphire case back. It bears a Geneva Stripe pattern and has a circular polishing.

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