Introducing Vamatic Watches, Japan Technology Meets Slovenian Creativity

Although its primary purpose is to show the exact time, many fashion experts would agree that wristwatches are also a very desirable fashion accessories. Regardless of whether we are talking about sports, every-day or elegant watches, the same rules must be followed when purchasing.

For example, on the market we come across a number of replicas of well-known watch brands that are easy to recognize, and thus leave a wrong impression. To begin with when choosing a wristwatch, it is very important to look at quality. The material from which the strap is made has to be comfortable and soft and should not damage over time. Likewise, the dial must be firmly protected with the strongest and most resistant glass. Of course, attention should also be paid to the consistency of the elements where the strap and casing must be a coordinated unit that fits perfectly with your wrist and every occasion.

When it comes to sophisticated wrist timekeepers, Vamatic watches stand out with their design and unexpected innovativeness. They combine Japanese technology and Slovenian creativity, creating perfect timeless watch collections.

Vamatic watches prove to the buyer that it is possible to get a durable watch at a much lower price than at the point of sale. Therefore, we can say that Vamatic watches are fairly competing with recognized watch brands, with one difference – you no longer need a deep pocket to have your new wrist watch at your fingertips. Various watch models of brand Vamatic range from 90 to 140 Euros and are developed for the most diverse types of users.

Cornell collection

The Cornell Vamatic collection is intended for women who are looking for convenience, elegance and top quality at an affordable price. It’s harmonious design is perfect for all ladies who are following fashion trends, as this classic will never come out of fashion.

Due to its minimalistic design, fine processing and touch of elegance, this watch is unique, and therefore it is also desirable for women. Your look and quality will draw attention wherever you go and give you a point on your impeccable look.

Winston collection

Each wristwatch should match your style and character, and this is why you cannot bypass the Vamatic Winston collection. Whether you are for classic elegance, adventure, or for minimalism and irresistibility, Winston Collection is your indispensable choice.

Equally, Winston Collection will complement different daily and business styles, as well as look at evening and festive occasions.

Vauclain collection

At a time of increasing digitization, customers continue to appreciate the classic and attractive products that stand out. The comfortable and soft strap adjusts to every wrist, leaving no prints.

The dial is firm and durable, and the enclosure inside is protected with solid mineral glass. All this gives you the confidence that this watch will serve a long time as a point in your style.

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