Speake-Marin Minute Repeater Flying Tourbillon Légèreté

Speake-Marin launches its new Haute Horlogerie masterpiece: the Minute Repeater Flying Tourbillon “Légèreté”, the first Minute Repeater Carillon in the world assembled in a case which is fabricated in 100% sapphire crystal.

The new Speake-Marin Haute Horlogerie masterpiece is called “Légèreté”, which means “Lightness” in English, to highlight the sapphire-crystal case, which allows to literally dive into the movement from the top, the sides or the case back.

The case is made up of three parts: the bezel, the case back and the middle section. The process by which the sapphire is made into a finished watch case is extraordinarily difficult, involving many hours of machining and polishing. The most difficult part is the case finishing where one must avoid any scratches during manufacture: the case must be perfectly transparent.

Speake-Marin “Minute Repeater Flying Tourbillon Légèreté”

At 6pm, a 60 seconds Flying Tourbillon is held by a cage shaped into the Speake-Marin symbol.  In addition, the movement conceals a Minute Repeater Carillon. When the slider on the left hand side is activated, the Minute Repeater Carillon starts to ring and launches the dial animation: the XII index disintegration.

From a technical point of view, it is interesting to note that there is a double safety module, which enables the setting of the time while the watch chimes thanks to the Carillon, and vice-versa. In addition, a regulator wheel regulates the Carillon speed… not too fast, not too slow… This wheel is almost silent so as not to distort the Carillon sound. The energy comes from a specific barrel dedicated to the Carillon and the dial animation so as not to disturb the watch chronometry.

Moreover, the hammers have been welded to a block which creates a sound box with the case to get a nice Carillon sound.
The Minute Repeater Carillon gives the time thanks to three hammers:
– One hammer for the hours
– The three hammers all together for the quarters
– One hammer for the minutes
Once the time is given by the 3 hammers, the XII Roman numeral comes back to its initial position.

On this piece, the finishing and decoration are very refined, which demonstrates Speake-Marin’s Haute-Horlogerie know-how: all the surfaces are reworked, corrected and decorated. So, the Tourbillon at 6 o’clock features a hand-finished 60-second cage that can be fully appreciated through the display back when the tourbillon is over.

Speake-Marin “Minute Repeater Flying Tourbillon Légèreté”

The lower tourbillon cage is supported by a striking paddle-shaped bridge offering clear visual access to the surrounding gears below. The bridges and main plate are circular-grained with polished screw heads and polished countersinks.

Last but not least, the entire watch is engraved with words: on the casing girdle, on the sides and on the case back.

Technical details

Model: Speake-Marin “Minute Repeater Flying Tourbillon Légèreté”

Calibre SMAHH-02, 60 seconds Flying Tourbillon
Minute Repeater Carillon
Power reserve: 72 hours

Central hours and minutes
Dial animation: XII figure disintegration

Piccadilly case, bezel and case back in sapphire
Diameter: 46.4 mm
Water Resistance: 3 bar (30 metres)

Openworked dial with engraving on the flange ring
Big red index at 12
Hands: Heart-shaped blued steel hands.

Ostrich leather (black or blue) and folding buckle in titanium


Limited edition
Unique piece

On demand

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