Garrick Regulator, New Versions with Engine-turned Dials

Garrick, the Nofolk-based watchmaker, once again, showcases British craftsmanship by offering its popular ‘Regulator’ with a remarkable handcrafted dial. The dial is adorned with an intricate motif formed using a rose engine lathe, imbuing the surface with a wondrous depth and three-dimensional allure. The work is undertaken in Great Britain by a time-served artisan, reinforcing Garrick’s belief that its home nation is a haven of peerless craftsmanship.

In 2017, Garrick released new versions of its existing Portsmouth, each endowed with an engine-turned dial, often referred to as a ‘guilloché’ dial. The dials, offered in a selection of colours, featured a fan-type pattern and evinced a traditional appearance.

Now, Garrick unveils a series of new engine-turned dials for its Regulator model. Whereas, the aforementioned Portsmouth dials appeared classical, the new Regulator dials bristle with modernity. The circular barleycorn motif emanates from the centre, steadily increasing in size, enriching the dial vista with a lustrous and dynamic appearance.

The separate indications of hours, minutes and seconds are presented in black and contrast beautifully with the silver hued dial. The movement is inverted with the balance wheel located at 10 o’clock. The open-worked balance bridge allows the wearer to see the balance in flight, oscillating to and fro. A partial view of the centre wheel provides a reminder that the gear train sits just below the dial surface, efficiently transferring energy from the spring barrel.

With its fastidiously polished British case, expertly finished hand wound Unitas movement and engine-turned dial, this Garrick timepiece showcases superb craftsmanship. Indeed, there is nothing regular about the Garrick Regulator and its engine-turned dial.

Technical details

Case – 42mm 940l Stainless steel with a choice of finishes.

Dial – Silver engine turned base in a choice of patterns and finishes.

Hands – Handmade steel hands, frosted, polished or heat blued.

Movement -Modified Unitas 6497 with screwed balance and unique gear train.

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