Konstantin Chaykin

The Konstantin Chaykin Manufacture is a Russian company, specializing in luxury class clocks and watches containing patented movements and complications. The head and founder, Konstantin Chaykin, is the only Russian watchmaker who is a member of the Académie Horlogére Des Createurs Indépendants and the author of numerous patented movements and complications

Konstantin Chaykin is a master watch maker from St. Petersburg. His table clock with a tourbillon made in 2004 is considered as the first and single Russian clock of the class Grande Complications.

Establishing his little studio a few years ago without any formal watch-making education, but with an engineering degree, Konstantin had no idea where his passion would take him. At the time, he was unable to find anyone sharing the same ideas, so he pursued his dream on his own, with support and help from his family and friends.

Looking through special literature on clocks, researching basic types of movements and time principles, Konstantin was already thinking of complicating them. Once the indicator of hour reserve, large date and various escapements were mastered, Konstantin felt he was getting closer to the creation of his own complicated mechanism. Today, with a few great projects behind him, he is now confident that the interest in horology has remained as strong as in the times of imperial Russia. With that in mind he is very serious about getting Russian clock-making traditions reinstated in all their glory.


Konstantin Yurjevich Chaykin was born in St. Petersburg in 1975.

In 1995 he graduated from St. Petersburg Telecommunication College. In 2000 he became interested in clockwork for the first time when he was one of the founders of a wholesale watch company. In 2003, using special literature collected step by step and gradually mastering the watchmaking skills Chaykin on his own created his first exclusive model – the gold watch.

In 2004 he constructed and made a unique clock with a tourbillon, it was the first Russian clock of ‘Grand Complication’ class. In 2006, a unique wristwatch with erotic scene automaton developed and produced.

In March, 2006 a new manual wind wristwatch caliber “TS1” fully developed and produced. In April 2006, a unique Moslem calendar clock developed and patented.

In May 2006, Konstantin Chaykin constructed and finished first Russian chronograph with power reserve indication function. In September 2006, a new unique clock with Moslem calendar was created.

Official website: http://www.konstantin-chaykin.com

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