F.P.JOURNE – Invenit et Fecit by Jean-Pierre Grosz

The fascinating book that tells the legendary story of François-Paul Journe has finally been released. Over 360 pages, the author relates his childhood as an enfant terrible in Marseille; his wild adolescent friendships, his joys and indiscretions; his hopes and doubts for his future; and, finally, the revelation of the world of watchmaking – a universe that was to become his vocation and would open up wonderful new horizons.

The author narrates François-Paul’s research on precision; his love of creating, constructing, and innovating; his successes and victories; but also his doubts, frustrations and rebellions; the events that made him what he is today, why he practices his particular style of watchmaking, which collectors so admire. He writes about his constant search for perfection, from the niche he has constructed for himself, little by little, and with great dedication, to the brilliant watchmaker-constructor he has become. About his talent recognized by his peers and his rewards by countless international prizes and his deep need for independence.

Instinctive creator who constantly strives for excellence, François-Paul always avoids banality and facility; banality is deadly. He also writes about this distinctive know-how that favors quality over quantity and how he transformed his watches into works of art that sublimate the wrists of their wearers.

In the introduction, François-Paul Journe dedicates this book to his uncle Michel Journe, who got him started and allowed him to work in his atelier while tolerating his youthful recklessness while he created his very ambitious first watch and also to Jean-Claude Sabrier, who remained his faithful friend until the end of his life. He was a benevolent, jovial and generous scholar who became one of the greatest historians of watchmaking. François-Paul also thanks his friend Jean-Pierre Grosz, former manager of Marvin Gaye, Dee Dee Bridgewater, and Ray Charles. Grosz tells Ray’s epic story in the book “Ray, my friend”. François-Paul knew Jean-Pierre was the only one who could write his story.

The preface to the book is written by his son Charles Journe who provides a different view. The book F.P.Journe – Invenit et Fecit will give you many delightful hours as you learn all about the unique destiny of François-Paul Journe. It will be available as from November 22nd in the 9 F.P.Journe Boutiques.

As an independent contemporary master watchmaker, François-Paul Journe has constructed haute horology timepieces for over 40 years. His historical knowledge and expertise have enabled him to demonstrate timeless consistency in research and innovation. His authentic integrated Manufacture calibre produced in 18K rose gold is one of the unique characteristics of F.P.Journe watches. The brand has earned the highest horological distinctions around the world, including 7 awards at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, The Gaïa Prize for Best Watchmaker, numerous times the Watch of the Year prize in Japan, in China, Mexico and the United States, and last but not least, Chevaliers des Arts et Lettres by the French Minister of Culture.

In his never-ending quest for perfection, F.P.Journe stands at the crossroads between the Arts and Haute Horology, constructing innovative and timeless timepieces that enhance the traditional haute horology values. The Manufacture produces less than 900 precision chronometers per year, and the label « Invenit et Fecit », engraved on all the watches, guarantees an in-house calibre that is entirely conceived, produced and assembled in the Geneva workshop.

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