ARMARE REGATTA by Regia Timepieces

Regia Timepieces is based in Singapore. The brand creates vintage styled watches with a spark of modern design and technological advancement. These high quality and reliable watches come with affordable prices. REGIA means “Royal” in Spanish. First watch collection from the brand is ARMARE REGATTA.

Armare Regatta watch takes inspiration from the legendary ref. 3646 (Panerai Radiomir) watch from the 1940 welded wire lug prototypes. The faults of the early prototype 3646 case were mainly due to the wire lugs which proved to be too fragile, also the water resistance of the early screw-in crown designs was not fully suited for military diving usage.

Armare Regatta is manufactured with a diameter of 44mm and a thickness of 13mm, to help cater to both ladies and gentlemen. It features a large dial and a fixed dodecagon bezel.

ARMARE REGATTA by Regia Timepieces

The first editions of “Armare Regatta” introduced with 3 modern unique dial coloration in 2 dial designs each color only holding a 100 pieces each (50 pieces for each of the green).

The second editions “發” dial are available in 6 colors. Each colour is limited to 100 pieces. They are available in both engraved (code R105) and plain bezel (code R106). 發” is [pronounce as Fa or Fatt in Chinese] or [Phat in Vietnamese].

Usually use during the Chinese New Year or when associated with good luck [發財] to become rich and to make money. Thus, Gong Xi Fa Cai [恭喜發財] is use in wishes, it means “Wishing you a prosperous year” or “Wish you make a lot of fortune”. “發” is placed on the 8 position as “發” is also sounds like “8” in Cantonese.

Regia Timepieces ARMARE REGATTA  watch

Both editions feature a Torpedo Submarine symbol on the dial. This symbol was added as the vintage “3646” was originally made for the military diving team.

The third editions “RSD” dial [Regia Skull Dial] are specially made with lume skull eyes, the first of its type. They are available with engraved (code R107) and plain bezel (code R108) format.


In its fourth edition, in collaboration with famous Australian artist Mr Timothy John, Regia Timepieces created the collector series DIAVOLO DEL MARE TJ2017, Limited Edition, custom skull painted watches. Only 10 pieces of these DIAVOLO DEL MARE TJ2017 Limited Edition watches are produced.

ARMARE REGATTA by Regia Timepieces

In the fifth edition, in collaboration with Malaysian artist Miss Sylvia Chow, Regia Timepieces presented the collector Floral, Dragon, Animal and Buddha collector series, custom painted Regia watches.

All these Regia watches are hand painted and limited in production; many a times only 1 piece is painted as no two pieces are the same.

Other Collections

REGIA Timepieces – DIVER (Armour Fish)
REGIA Timepieces launched its REGIA DIVER (code name Armour Fish), in 2017 product. A lots of designing and re-engineering effort was put into the smallest detail of this new 600m diver watches. Using the ISO6425 standard as a guide, this new diver has interesting feature and function

3 more REGIA DIVER variants joined the family in early 2018, namely the Blue Sunburst, Grey Sunburst and Angry Eye Grey sunburst dial. And finally, Regia Timpieces added the last variant for 2018, the Green Scuba Ghost, White Scuba Ghost and the Rider Edition White Scuba Ghost.

Regia custom patina dial watches
The REGIA custom made patina dial watches are painstakingly handmade. Each and every piece of watch dial is careful patina with its parameter. It takes a lot of time to monitoring and to achieve the unique patina dial look.

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