Lytt Labs Inception V1.1

Singapore based watch brand Lytt Labs presents Inception V1.1, an evolution of their debut timepiece Inception V1.0.

In 2017, the brand launched its first watch collection, the Inception V1.0. It took two years of research, development and countless prototypes required to realize the commercial launch of the Inception V1.0; a technical, vibrantly coloured timepiece with eye-catching details.

The newly launched V1.1 model exhibits improved clarity and readability while staying true to the modernity and uniqueness of the original. An original brand font elevates the contemporary aesthetic of the dial. The hour and minute discs have been redesigned with larger number fonts, reduced markings, and textures. The new seconds rotator has also been meticulously refashioned with logo branding, bringing focus to a captivating watch face.

The addition of luminescent paint to all significant areas of the dial (numbers, markings, logo branding and indicator arrows) further enhances visibility in the dark, exuding a sci-fi edge. These deft yet restrained touches add a crisper, more elegant quality to the overall aesthetic of the V1.1, creating a truly stunning watch.

The Inception V1.1 is available in 3 case/indicator options with matching straps and priced as follows:-
● Steel – USD799
● Gunmetal – USD849
● Rose Gold – USD879

The Lytt Labs Inception 1.1 watch is available for sale from October 23 onwards.

Technical details

Case: 316L stainless steel
Movement: automatic, 24 jewels; 42 hours power reserve
Time indication rings with luminescent paint hand-applied to 0.xmm wide grooves
(NEW) Numbers, markings, indicator arrows and logo branding in luminescence
Water resistant to 50m
Sapphire crystal, quadruple anti-reflective treatment

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