VENI VIDI VICI is a fine Swiss watch brand founded by Jean-Pierre Horvath.

It is as a tribute to Julius Cesar, passing through Geneva in 58 B.C., that VENI VIDI VICI owes its identity. The man to pronounce these words stopped on the banks of the Rhone River where he fought the Helvetians. Following this victory, Julius Cesar conquered Gaul and southern Great Britain. The name of Geneva, Genava in Latin, appears for the first time in the “De Bello Gallico” texts written by Julius Cesar, where he comments on the Wars of the Gaules.

It is in Geneva in the middle of XVIth century that the Swiss clock-making industry was born. By banishing the wearing of decorative objects in 1541, Jean Calvin the protestant reformer, forced goldsmiths and other jewellers to turn themselves to another form of art: clock-making. At the end of the century, Geneva had already acquired a reputation for excellence and in 1601 the world’s first clock- and watch-makers’ corporation saw the day under the name of “Maîtrise des horlogers de Genève”.

It is with much admiration for his father, who repaired watches, that Jean-Pierre Horvath made his first contact with the watch-making industry. It is only much later that he understood the destiny associated with being born into a Geneva watch-making family: a heritage. By creating VENI VIDI VICI, Jean-Pierre Horvath assumed this heritage with dignity and eloquence.

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