Based in England, Sinclair Harding is a manufacturer of fine mechanical clocks. Established in 1967, honours the historical tradition of fine English clock making. With its range of beautiful handcrafted clocks, this unique company embraces the horological industry’s ideals for precision, quality and perfection. Sinclair Harding’s valued clients range from private collectors to high class jewelers worldwide. In 1995, Independent master watch maker Robert Bray took over the company. A member of the prestigious AHCI, Robert Bray is also a fellow member of British Horological Institute.

The Sinclair Harding H1 clock pays tribute to the horological masterpieces created by the legendary clock maker John Harrison, the inventor of marine chronometers.

Born in 1956, Robert Bray came turned to clock making relatively late in life. Leaving school at 15 he embarked upon a craft engineering apprenticeship with a small company who specialised in making of precision gears. Gaining sufficient qualifications at Technical College he was able to embark on a Production Engineering Degree at Brunel University where he obtained a first class honours Degree in 1979.

The Sinclair Harding Moophase Sea Clock inspired from the first sea clocks made by John Harrison

From then till 1995 he continued to work for the same company in various positions and was involved in all aspects of engineering, from Design through to Production and the Quality control of small gears and gearboxes for Aerospace, Defence and Medical applications.

In 1995, looking for a new challenge, he took over a failing Sinclair Harding of Cheltenham thus ensuring a famous clock making name would survive and at the same time he started to redirect his skills to the art clock making. From the start Robert Bray’s simple goal was to be totally independent and capable of making every part for each clock.

The Sinclair Harding Three Train Skeleton Chiming clock with 8 day movement

His aim was to make clocks that would be a joy to service by clock repairers in the future. The goal has been realised in 2017, a year in which Sinclair Harding are celebrating their 50th anniversary. Today, Robert Bray and his dedicated team of craftsmen are proud to make some of the world’s finest clocks, which combine modern technology with traditional clock making skills.

The Sinclair Harding Condliff with Passing Strikes – Single train skeleton clock made in homage to the legendary English clockmaker James Condliff

Sinclair Harding has complete control over every aspect of the clock making process. Along with designing using 3D solid modeling CAD, all the parts are made in an exceptionally well-equipped workshop and hand finished to an extremely high standard before being painstakingly assembled.

The Sinclair Harding Congreve Clock – Paying tribute to Sir William Congreve, famous for his invention of the first Rocket in 1795. The clock takes inspiration from his patented Principle for the Measurement of Time using a rolling ball escapement.

The in house capabilities include, precious metal plating, Fusee chain making, manufacturing and hand tuning bells, French polishing, engraving and hand silvering of dials, Bluing of screws and hands, even mainspring manufacture is now undertaken. This intense process of craftsmanship results in a clock, which is aesthetically pleasing and reliable, with real soul and character that hopefully goes some way to ensuring a more certain future for English horology.

Contact details

Sinclair Harding (UK) Ltd
Phillips House, Chapel Lane, Emley
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

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