Clerc Genève

Clerc Genève is a Swiss luxury watch brand that traces its origins to 1874.

Creator of “futuristic Haute Horlogerie”, as he likes to define it, Gérard Clerc is a cosmopolitan watchmaker with a keen interest in architecture. He was fascinated by the 1960s, a period brimming with optimism and confidence during which Humankind threw itself wholeheartedly into the pursuit of progress, exploration and discoveries. When this representative of the fourth generation took over the family business in 1997, he inherited more than just expertise, but a wealth of passion.

This invaluable legacy, transmitted by a form of osmosis, nurtures a constant flow of exceptional horology and technical innovations from which he draws inspiration and which enables him to assert himself as a pioneer of tomorrow’s watchmaking.

Synonymous with a break from traditions, his mechanical techno-luxury creations follow the dictates of a single rule: inventiveness. Each conceived as a unique work of art, Clerc watches yield no concessions in the drive to improve quality.

Few leaders in the field of Haute Horlogerie can claim to cherish such an exceptional degree of freedom, providing a sure path towards exclusivity. This is doubtless because this independent creative spirit has long relegated commercial constraints to a secondary role, preferring to govern by the rule of the heart and focusing on aesthetics and technical perfection rather than the rigors of industrial strategy. This approach naturally does not preclude strict compliance with the highest standards of craftsmanship and finishing prevailing within the Swiss luxury watch industry.

Available around the world through a network of carefully selected retailers, Gérald Clerc creations are all covered by a three-year international guarantee. Far more eloquently than any spoken claims, this policy provides eloquent and concrete proof of the extraordinary qualitative superiority of watches by Clerc Genève.

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  1. […] Clerc Genève already caused a sensation at Baselworld 2009 exhibition this spring with the ultra sophisticated Hydroscaph diver’s watch. Inspired by the conquest of sea-beds, it is equipped with lateral reinforcements and a helium valve enabling it to descend smoothly to the depths of the world’s oceans. The Geneva-based brand is now presenting a new and extremely spectacular version of this model: the Hydroscaph Limited Edition Gold Tourbillon. […]

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