L’Duchen is a manufacturer of premium-class Swiss Made watches of timeless elegant design. The company keeps to centuries-old Swiss watch manufacturing traditions, including the use of high quality materials, attention to details and manual assembly.

An old manufacture L’Duchene & Fils was founded in XVIII century by Louis Duchene, whose watches were well known for their automatons and elaborate enamel dials.

The modern history of L’Duchen brand started in 2004 with the launch of a mechanical watch collection. L’Duchen debut at Baselworld Fair was in 2012, when the brand introduced a new Spacematic collection, equipped with elaborately decorated Soprod movements.

Today L’Duchen continues to produce high-quality timepieces with great respect to its customers and partners. L’Duchen creates classical watches with exquisite design features, such as special cut indexes or unique oak-leaf-shaped guilloche pattern. Oak leaf is a symbol of L ’Duchen brand.

Contact details

Chemin de St. Nicolas 26
2350 Saignelegie, Switzerland
Website: http://www.lduchen.com

Sister Brands

1. Gryon Watches

Gryon is a watch brand of Swiss company L’Duchen Montres SA. The brand has managed to set high Swiss manufacturing standards, such as use of high quality materials, attention to details, manual assembly and strict quality control on a factory in Asia (China). Gryon watches are made in classic style, combined with exquisite design features.

In many of Gryon lines, there are used elaborate special cut indexes and skeletonized hands. There are no sport watches or watches with plenty of stones in Gryon collection. Most of the models have round-shaped cases. The watches are designed in Switzerland.

Website: http://www.gryonwatches.com


STEINMEYER is a brand of L`Duchen Montres SA Watch Company.

First STEINMEYER watches were produced in 2006 and were dedicated to the most popular sports: snowboarding, mountain skiing, ice hockey, mountain biking, etc. The sport theme of STEINMEYER watches is reflected in materials used for their manufacturing. The watches are made of stainless steel, which is the strongest and most reliable material for the production of watch cases and bands.

All stainless steel models are equipped with mineral glass that suits better for use during active sport training with its lots of shocks and damages, unlike sapphire crystal, which is hard and scratch-resistant, but fragile. Straps for most of the models are made of PU. This material is not damaged by water, unlike the leather, so the watches can be safely used for water and winter sports. PU straps are easy to clean, they are light and non-allergenic.

STEINMEYER watches are designed for young active and dynamic people, who prefer extreme sports, freedom and outdoor activities. The brand’s philosophy is reflected in the watches design.

The STEINMEYER design studio is inspired by the most popular sports, and it reflects their style and philosophy in the design of corresponding models. Case back of each collection is decorated with engraved image of corresponding sport.

In 2014 STEINMEYER introduced new mechanical timepieces (Miyota movement), both for ladies and gentlemen, and a new line of quartz watches in plastic cases of various bright colours, also Military style collection: original and functional design, plastic case and strap with military print.

The STEINMEYER watches are characterized by their democratic pricing that in addition to all other advantages makes them very attractive for fans of sports style.

Website: http://www.steinmeyerwatches.com/en/

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