With its robust and sporty lifestyle watches, quality Swiss brand Swiss Military Hanowa stands for an individual and quality-conscious lifestyle.

The history of Hanowa began in 1961, when Hans Noll started as sales manager for a medium sized watchmaker in Biel. With a distinct entrepreneurial spirit Hans Noll was soon able to fulfill his dream and in 1963 he launched his own company with his wife Elisabet, naming it Hanowa – composed of HAns NOll WAtches.

In 1990, Hans Noll launched a brand which bases itself on the original quintessence of Hanowa and combines Swiss-made quality with sporty design. The add-on of ‘Swiss Military’ emphasizes the core qualities of the watches, which target an active group with their robust case and water resistance. SWISS MILITARY HANOWA watches epitomise the exceptional values of the Swiss military through attributes like robustness, endurance and high precision as well as the ability to function in extreme outdoor conditions.

After the successful launch of SWISS MILITARY HANOWA in the 1990s, in Switzerland, the dependable Swiss-made precision chronometers soon conquer the international market as well. Swiss businessman Christian Frommherz, a visionary and longstanding business partner, took over Hanowa AG in 2010.

Today HANOWA and SWISS MILITARY HANOWA brands come under International Luxury Group.

ILG is one of the world’s leading fashion accessories company possessing a portfolio of internationally renowned licensed brands distributed worldwide. A recognized leader in the watchmaking market, and a fast growing player in the branded eyewear, jewelry and leather goods markets, ILG has a portfolio of distinguished complementary brands under license: AIGNER, ESCADA, CERRUTI 1881, GANT, POLICE and TIMBERLAND.

Under Swiss Made watch brands portfolio, they have ROAMER, SWISS MILITARY and HANOWA. With its headquarter located in Möhlin, Switzerland, ILG controls Swiss companies Tick Tack AG, Swiss Fashion Time GmbH, Roamer of Switzerland AG, FM Swiss Logistics AG, Hanowa AG, Fabhor Suisse SA and Montres Onsa AG.



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