Décantheure: The Wine Watch

The word Decanting is familiar with those who love wines. It is a process of pouring wine from the bottle into another container in order to aerate the wine and separate it from the sediment.

The decanting process improves the taste, aroma, consistency and overall experience of drinking wine. There are so many different grape varieties existing and the time needed for decanting wines differs. Some varieties of wines need to be decanted much longer than others. The wrongly timed decanting process may ruin your expensive bottle of wine.

To perfect the art of decanting you must know the exact time durations required by different varieties of wines. So, Décantheure, a young watch brand based in Copenhagen, has created a special watch that can assist both the experienced and novice wine lovers to decant any wine and achieve the perfect flavor and aromas.

The name Décantheure comes from the French words decanteur (decanter) + heure (hour). The special highlight of every Décantheure watch is an internal bezel with inscriptions of 30 popular varieties of wines grouped by how long they should (or shouldn’t) be decanted. Simply set the internal bezel using the crown at the 2ó clock and starts the decant process. Use the arc to keep track of the decanting time.

The Décantheure watch is equipped with Seiko NH35 Automatic movement. If desired, this movement can also be wound manually using the crown at the 4ó clock.

The watch is made from 316L stainless steel. Measuring 40mm diameter and 11.5mm thickness, the watch case features brushed silk surface finish.

The watch features two crowns: The crown at 2ó clock rotates the internal bezel. The pull-out crown at 4’o clock adjusts the time and date and manually rewinds the movement if needed.

The front glass of the watch is made of the highest quality sapphire crystal, renowned for its scratch-resistant properties.

The back is made of see-through green Champagne bottle glass enabling to admire the visuals of mechanical movement beating inside.

The Décantheure features a black dial with white silk screen print, Luminescent white markings at 3H, 6H, 9H and 12H indexes, aluminum-colored hour and minute hands with luminescent white markings and burgundy red second hand. Internal rotating bezel is made from black polymer with white pad print. The bezel is kept in place by a gasket so that the bezel is firmly held in place when the crown is not turned.

The watch is worn on a handmade leather strap with stainless steel pin buckle with the Décantheure logo engraved. It is available in natural tan color, as well as black and brown. Lug width is 20mm.

The watch has a water resistance up to 5atm (50m). Each Décantheure watch will be delivered in an exclusive box with velvet inlay with the brand logo embossed. All Décantheure watches are engraved with the year of manufacturing and production number.

Décantheure has launched an online crowd funding campaign to fund the mass production of their watch. Customers can save up to 50% of the expected retail price when you back the Décantheure on Kickstarter. Post successful campaign, estimated delivery of the watches is planned in Mar 2019.

Please visit Décantheure wine-watch Kickstarter campaign for more details:

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