Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic™ Collection (With Baumatic™ BM12-1975A In-house Movement)

The Clifton Baumatic™ Collection incorporates Baumatic™, a reliable and ultra-efficient self winding caliber developed in-house. This movement enhances the user experience in four key sensitive areas – Sensitivity to magnetic fields, Autonomy, Chronometric precision and Durability.

Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic™ 5 Days Chronometer
Baume et Mercier Clifton Baumatic COSC 10436 steel leather

Created in cooperation with the Manufacture Horlogère ValFleurier and the Richemont Research & Innovation teams, the Baumatic™ BM12-1975A caliber is the very first mechanical self-winding Manufacture movement from Baume & Mercier.

The new hairspring is endowed with the TWINSPIR™ technology also developed by the Richemont Research & Innovation teams. TWINSPIR™ technology is applied to a new hairspring with a composite structure, combining two cores of silicon, alternately set at a 45° angle and bound by a silicon dioxide layer that also plays a role in ensuring thermo-compensation.

Combined with a newly shaped variable-inertia balance wheel, it delivers the following benefits:-

• Improved accuracy of the movement various positions and over the long term
• Reduced sensitivity to magnetism
• Greater resistance to small impacts and repeated vibrations

Silicon facilitates longer maintenance service intervals for both the watch and its movement.
• The hairspring
• The anchor
• The escape wheel
of the Baumatic™ BM12-1975A movement are made from silicon.

Requiring very little lubrication, the new high-performance escapement equipped with
POWERSCAPE™ technology comprises an anchor and escape wheel distinguished by highly unusual geometry.

Its new design based on complex shapes serves to:-
• Drastically reduce losses relating to friction = increase efficiency
• improve torque transmission between the components
• Thus ensure 30% higher autonomy

The advent of the Baumatic™ movement represents the Richemont Group’s first combined introduction of a silicon balance-spring and a high performance escapement. Antimagnetic, three times lighter than the ordinary alloys used for hairspring, resistant to corrosion and less sensitive to small impacts and repeated vibrations, silicon enables spectacular progress in terms of horological innovation.

A Baume & Mercier watch equipped with the Baumatic™ movement can easily cope with the magnetic fields involved in daily living.

Numerous objects emit magnetic fields liable to disturb the smooth running of a mechanical watch. A number of mechanical watches returned to watch brands’ after-sales service departments display symptoms relating to the effects of magnetic fields, the two most frequent being a movement that has stopped or a loss of precision. These flaws are due to the fact that certain components – notably the hairspring made from a ferromagnetic alloy – become magnetized.

According to the 2002- ISO 764 (NIHS 90-10) standard, a watch is considered antimagnetic if it is able to withstand a magnetic field of 60 Gauss (4,800 A/m) while maintaining a precision of +/- 30 seconds per day. The Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic™ watch is resistant to at least 1500 Gauss without residual effect.

There are two ways of counteracting the effects of magnetism: either protecting the movement by means of a magnetic shield; or tackling the problem at its roots by using antimagnetic materials. Thanks to the use of silicon and non-ferromagnetic elements for the two particularly sensitive parts of the movement, the regulating organ (including the hairspring) and the escapement system, BaumaticTM movement achieves exceptional performance.

The power reserve of a standard watch movement ranges from 40 to 70 hours when it is fully wound. The Baume & Mercier Baumatic™ Movement is endowed with a high-performance 120-hour power reserve, three times the power reserve of a standard watch.

This gain in efficiency is due in equal measure to three elements:

  • 1/3 of the improvement relates to the barrel (optimized size and the material used for the spring)
  • 1/3 of the improvement relates to the escapement (silicon anchor and escape wheel, POWERSCAPE TM technology for optimized geometry)
  • 1/3 of the improvement relates to the use of silicon for the hairspring (TWINSPIRTM technology, increased quality factor, new geometry of the variable-inertia balance wheel)

All Baume & Mercier watches equipped with the Baumatic™ movement have a high-performance five-day power reserve, amounting to 120 hours.

All Baume & Mercier watches equipped with the Baumatic™ movement remain stable at -4/+6 seconds/day throughout their entire 120-hour power reserve.

Mechanical watches are not always very accurate, and are even less so when their power reserve runs low. Their precision deteriorates still further when the movement has to draw upon a dwindling amount of energy. Watches boasting good precision (-4/+6 seconds/day) are chronometer-certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). Acting on the precision of watch mechanism makes it possible to offer the user enhanced performance.
A standard watch requires regular time-setting, given its daily variation in rate of around 20 to 30 seconds per day.

In addition to its model chronometer-certified by the COSC, all Baume & Mercier series production watches equipped with the Baumatic™ movement are also adjusted in a range corresponding to -4/+6 seconds per day.

The new hairspring equipped with TWINSPIR™ technology, coupled with the new variable-inertia balance wheel, serve to guarantee rating precision in the watch’s various positions and to improve its isochronism.

In order to preserve the performance and enhance the reliability of our time pieces over extended use, the Richemont Research & Innovation teams focused its research effort on both developing dedicated oils so as to maintain optimal lubrication conditions and devising new test procedures to assess long term performance under relevant stress conditions.

Through fine understanding of wear conditions, intense laboratory investigation and modeling, lubricants formulation have been adjusted to fulfill their long lasting mission under severe strains. Each key function is being thoroughly tested with new procedures and test benches developed specifically to account for strains that our watches encounter. These stress tests not only include thousands of repetitive cycles to simulate more than 10 years of intense use, but also newer tests reflecting more accurately todays activities and lifestyles.

The service and maintenance cycles for all Baume & Mercier watches equipped with the Baumatic™ movement are considerably longer than for standard watches.

A watch movement is a complex mechanism comprising numerous mobile miniature components. Their perpetual interaction results in friction and wear. The latter can be minimized by lubrication which is a sensitive issue in any watch movement. Various oils with distinctive properties are used to lubricate a watch movement, according to the given function (winding mechanism, balance wheel pivot, escapement, gear train).

The ageing of lubricants is one of the causes resulting in disturbances to the smooth running of a movement, and thus one of the reasons why watches are returned for service. Acting on lubrication and the quality of different oils serves to decrease the frequency of watch service and maintenance interventions.

With their refined, porcelain-like finish, the five new models in the Clifton Baumatic™ collection by Baume & Mercier epitomize the brand’s masculine identity. Designed for the confident and urban man, this must-have accessory comes with an immaculate white or intense black dial. The understated, easy-to-read display features slender riveted hour-markers, slim lancet hands and an oversized date aperture at 3 o’clock.

Topped with a domed sapphire crystal, the minute track – in anthracite gray or white – follows the perfectly proportioned curves of the 40 mm polished/ satin-finished steel case. Water-resistant to 50 meters, the transparent case back reveals the new Baumatic™ BM12-1975A caliber, the first mechanical self-winding movement developed in-house, in collaboration with the Richemont group.

Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic™ 5 Days Chronometer

This timepiece, attaches to the wrist with an alligator strap that fastens with a pin buckle. The strap is easy to change without the need for a tool, and comes in dark blue, deep black or warm brown for the two-tone version.

A five-row bracelet in polished/satin-finished steel, which fastens by means of a triple folding buckle with security push-pieces, is also available to complement this line of contemporary watches.

Technical details

Model: Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic™ 5 Days Chronometer

Jewels: 21
Power reserve: 5 days
Frequency: 4Hz (28’800 vph)

H/M/S, enlarged date at 3 o’clock, chronometer

Diameter: 40 mm
Thickness: 10.3 mm
Polished & satin-finished stainless steel case
Domed antiglare (1 face) scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
Sapphire crystal case back, secured with 4 screws
Water-resistance: 5 ATM (approx. 50m)

White dial with porcelain-finish
Riveted faceted trapezoid-shape indexes slightly elongated, faceted lancette hands, anthracite dial-train

Black alligator all square scales with gray stitching on the top and color on the bottom and bridle points at the buckle
System of curved bars with very reliable lug that allows to change without tools the strap
Pin buckle

Individual certificate on demand
One additional warranty year upon registration

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