Renowned and highly esteemed for the strong identity of its timepiece creations, Hysek is considered one of the watchmaking industry’s most prominent designers today. By combining visual strength and harmonious lines, Hysek’s design plays with recurring graphic themes, so that the brand has become established in connoisseurs’ memories.

Launched in 1997, HYSEK brand has imposed its avant-gardiste vision within the watch industry as well as its atypical style which heckles and dares the difference. Considered as the most prestigious “designer horloger”, Hysek has gained a significant and prestigious position on the high end of luxury timepieces.

Hysek is synonym of refinement, technicality, quality, singularity and audacity. Its contemporary style reveals minimalist and pure lines. HYSEK timepieces are the result of the harmony of shapes and volumes combined to an extreme search of the detail which convey a very strong and recognizable identity. The elements proper to Hysek concept are the dial displaying the numbers 1-5-7-11 as well as the fold-over buckles, exclusive design to Hysek in a perfect continuity to the case.

The brand has expanded very quickly and in the purpose of establishing its watch making legitimacy, Hysek created its own manufacture in 2007, which placed the company as a major actor of the watch industry. With the presentation of its first tourbillon calibre in 2007, referenced as HW03, Hysek earned its marks and now figures incontestably among the most prominent actors in high horology.

By developing its own mechanical movements featuring both minor and grand complications, Hysek intends to put forth timepieces that are perfectly adapted to their audacious design. Indeed, the principal advantage of industrial independence is the ability to enrich its designers’ graphic palette and liberate them from any constraints imposed by generic movements with fixed parameters. Yet this new approach must also allow for the creation of Hysek timepieces, characterized by their total exclusivity and singular design, which will seduce those discerning individuals eager to express their passions by emphasizing their originality.

Today, the brand creates and manufactures watches, jewellery, writing instruments and accessories. Distributed in more than 50 countries, Hysek can prevail of an international exposure and reputation.

Contact details

Chemin de la Vignette 1
CH-1167 Lussy-sur-Morges

Website: www.hysek.com

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