ZEITWINKEL is an independent Swiss watch brand co-founded by Prof. Ivica Maksimovic and Peter Nikolaus .

As an independent manufacturer of highest quality wrist watches from Switzerland, Zeitwinkel develops own, proprietary solutions for its mechanical movements and for the design of its watches. Zeitwinkel products stand for precision engineering and an elegantly timeless design.

All watches are developed and manufactured in the Swiss Jura region, with the two manufacture movements ZW0102 and ZW0103 as their most distinctive feature.

Zeitwinkel watches come in two sizes: the “Midsize” collection with a diameter of 39mm and the “Classic” collection with a 42.5mm diameter. All dials have a special galvanic coating that produces the characteristic black, silver, rhodium and blue color shades.

The flagship model 273° adds further functions to hour, minute, and small-second – the classic three hand configuration. The Zeitwinkel manufacture movement ZW0103 was specifically developed for this watch: It offers a semi-integrated date module, reserve power display, self-winding feature and 72 hours reserve power, balance stop as well as a large date display with quickset feature.

Behind the attractive outward appearance of every Zeitwinkel watch hides an exclusive Zeitwinkel manufacture movement with decorated plates and bridges as well as a durable three-quarter plate made of elaborately decorated German silver. The characteristic stainless steel case is unmistakable due to its clear-cut profiling and the exquisite interplay of polished and burnished surfaces.

Zeitwinkel is independent of corporate affiliation and strives to maintain credibility and quality in every situation. Accordingly, it was decided very early on to develop own solutions for movement and product design.


  • 2006:  Inception. The brand name Zeitwinkel is created, the product attributes and company philosophy are devised.
  • 2007:  The beginning of product development and design
  • 2008:  Zeitwinkel AG and Zeitwinkel Montres SA are founded. Design and movement are developed. The first prototypes are built.
  • 2009: Final prototypes are built and serial manufacture of movements is commenced.
  • 2010: Market launch in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Debut presentation at the Baselworld
  • 2011: Entry into selected markets outside of Europe
  • 2012: Debut presentation of the new Midsize-collection. Establishment of a sales network in the US and Japan
  • 2013: Classic line with Galvano blue dial color, new women’s line. Extension of sales network in Asia and Europe
  • 2014: Expansion of the worldwide network of authorized concessionaires, Redesign of web presence and e-boutique, introduction of new model versions.


Prof. Ivica “Maks” Maksimovic
Besides his professorship in communication design and his long-time passion for watches, Ivica Maksimovic is characterized by his subtle humor. These attributes make him the ideal spokesman for a product that requires explanation that separates itself from the mainstream of celebrity testimonials, glamorous advertising and rapidly changing product cycles, based on standard movements.

Peter Nikolaus
Peter Nikolaus has been in the business of distributing high quality watches, mostly in Asia and North America, for nearly twenty years. As one of Zeitwinkel’s creators, he brought much of his conviction and personality into the brand and the products. He is currently focused on coordinating the manufacturing in Switzerland and on meeting with as many customers as possible.

Contact details

Zeitwinkel Montres SA
Rue Pierre-Jolissaint 35, CH-2610 Saint-Imier
Website:  www.zeitwinkel.ch

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