Hands on Review – TACS AVL2 (Automatic Vintage Lens 2) Watch

In this page, I am sharing the highlights of ‘Hands on Review’ of the AVL2 watch model from young watch brand TACS.

AVL2 stands for Automatic Vintage Lens 2. As the name suggests this automatic watch takes inspiration from the Vintage Camera Lens. Earlier TACS has introduced AVL1, the first edition of Automatic Vintage Lens watch series. The model being reviewed here is the second edition, which comes loaded with new innovations and ideas.

Hands on Review TACS AVL2 (Automatic Vintage Lens 2) Watch

TACS creates timepieces inspired from the activities and objects that are part of our lifestyle and leisure activities. Presently they have three flagship lines: Tea Time, Hobby Time and Fun Time. These watches are available in either quartz or automatic versions.

TACS AVL2: Inspired by the Lens of Vintage Cameras

The brand has chosen the theme of camera lens to design the Lens series of watches under Hobby Time collection, a line that takes inspiration from popular hobbies.

Hands on Review TACS AVL2 Automatic Watch

Thanks to the latest technological advances in the industry, the analogue cameras became almost extinct and today in place of them we have more powerful and highly efficient digital cameras. Still, the Camera Lens is an integrated part in the world of photography. Without them, it is almost impossible to capture images without losing the perfection and natural beauty. The AVL series of watches pays tribute to the camera lenses.

Hands on Review TACS AVL II Automatic Watch

Coming back to TACS AVL2, the watch received by us was beautifully packed in a small square shaped wooden box engraved with model specifications and logo.

Hands on Review TACS AVL2 Automatic Vintage Lens 2 Watch

The watch found packed inside the box along with a protective pouch resembling the leather lens cap used with cameras. This pouch protects the watch crystals from scratches during storage.

Hands on Review TACS AVL2 (Automatic Vintage Lens 2) Watch

Regarding the aesthetic part, the timepiece dutifully follows its design inspiration. The watch face resembles that of real camera lens mechanism. Its multi-layer front layout featuring large rotating bezel, inner rings and layers certify the watch as an authentic homage to vintage camera lens. The open-worked centre layer gives glimpses of movement indicating the presence of a mechanical heart beating inside the watch.

 Review of TACS AVL2 (Automatic Vintage Lens 2) Watch

When you inspect an optical lens used in photography, you can find several markings on it such as brand details and specification of the particular lens. Inspired from this tradition, you can find such markings on the bezel and inner rings indicating the technical details of the watch.

Hands on Review of TACS AVL2 (Automatic Vintage Lens 2) Watch

For example the marking Ø47mm on the bezel indicates diameter of the watch. The bezel also carries the information regarding the type of movement. The raised round bezel protects the front glass and the diamond pattern on the surface of outer bezel ring ensures grip.

Hands on Review TACS AVL2 (Automatic Vintage Lens 2) Watch

Inspired from the rotating bezel of cameras, the stainless steel watch bezel with aluminum ring can be rotated both clockwise and anticlockwise direction, but it does not offer any other functionality. Water resistance of the watch (10 ATM) is inscribed on the rounded square shaped inner layer of the dial.

Hands on Review TACS AVL2 (Automatic Vintage Lens 2) Watch

Regarding the time display, three rectangular shaped hands look after Hours, Minutes and seconds. It is a little bit tricky to read the time from the dial due to the absence of hour markers like traditional watches.

Hands on Review of TACS AVL2 (Automatic Vintage Lens 2) Watch

On a white dial ring, you can find that 12, 15, 17, 19, 21, 24, 28 and 50 minute markers are specifically etched. These numbers in Arabic numerals pays tribute to some popular focal lengths used in photography for specifying different sensor sizes.

Hands on Review TACS AVL2 Automatic Vintage Lens Watch

Made from stainless steel, the watch case measures 47mm diameter and has a thickness of 16mm. The middle case has tonneau shape inspired by the body of some vintage cameras. Brand name TACS is mentioned between the lugs of lower side. Front glass of the timepiece is made with sapphire crystal.

Hands on Review TACS Automatic Vintage Lens Watch

With the TACS logo on top and diamond cut pattern on the outer side, the crown positioned at 3ó clock reminds us the operating buttons of a vintage camera. The diamond cut pattern also ensures better grip for the crown. Measuring 8mm, this screwed down crown is protected with a crown guard that itself resembles like the strap mount eyelet of a camera.

TACS AVL2 (Automatic Vintage Lens 2) Watch

The marking BPH 21600 on the case side indicates the movement frequency. On opposite side of the case there is a small metal plate where the customers have the option to engrave their name or a special message (maximum 10 characters) by paying an additional cost.


The design inspiration is also visible at the rear side of the AVL2 watch. The stainless steel case-back is fixed with four large screws. On the centre part of the case back, you can discover a slightly raised multi-layered circle with sapphire crystal grass surrounded by an outer metal ring inspired by the vintage camera lens design.

case back view


Through the sapphire crystal glass you can admire the self-winding movement. The outer circle of the glass has etchings such as ‘all stainless steel’, ‘Japan automatic movement’, ‘MADE IN JAPAN’, ‘DESIGN REGISTERED’ and ‘VINTAGE LENS’.

view of the automatic movement

Regarding the movement, the AVL2 watch is powered with a Citizen Miyota 82SO automatic skeleton movement manufactured in Japan. Bearing 21 jewels and beating at 21,600 vph, this self-winding movement has a power reserve up to 42 hours. The movement measures 11 ½ lignes and 5.67 mm thickness. Accuracy of the movement is approximately -20 to +40 seconds a day.

Hands on Review TACS AVL2 (Automatic Vintage Lens 2) Watch

The AVL2 watch is supplied with a vintage styled HORWEEN calf leather strap with stainless steel buckle. The model being reviewed features a 22mm wide brown colored strap with white stitching. The strap is secured to the watch using a spring loaded quick release bar.

TACS AVL2 (Automatic Vintage Lens 2) Watch crown view


The TACS AVL2 watch is both masculine and oversize, but not fancy, thanks to the careful integration of monochrome theme. Hands on Review TACS AVL2 (Automatic Vintage Lens 2) Watch

The customers who appreciate the original and innovative designs in a watch will welcome the TACS AVL2 without any hesitation. Aesthetically, the watch sticks to its inspiration and features an original design based on vintage camera lens. As on date, you may not find such design from other brands.

Hands on Review TACS AVL2 (Automatic Vintage Lens 2) Watch bezel side

In technical point of view also, the AVL2 watch can attract lots of followers, as it houses a self-winding caliber manufactured by Miyota, the Japanese company renowned for high quality mechanical movements.

TACS AVL2 Watch Price (as on March 2023)

The retail price of TACS AVL2 is USD 550 with a Vintage Brown or Rustic Brown leather strap. Versions with stainless steel bracelet and gold-toned variants are also available. Price range: $570 to $599.


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