MMT Develops the World’s First Energy-Free Hybrid Watch

Switzerland based company MMT is currently developing the world’s first energy autonomous smartwatch.

A hybrid watch with smart functionalities- such as activity tracking, auto-updates and notifications –which doesn’t require an intervention from its user to recharge itself. Indeed, charging will be achieved thanks to a combination of state-of-the-art solar panels, breakthrough energy harvesting technologies and MMT’s proven experience in ultra-low power watch module design.

A joint-feasibility study has been conducted by MMT and its technology partners, which has clearly shown that, a hybrid watch that would never run out of power, could be developed.

During the study, a watch dial has been placed upon a solar PV cell. The light that eventually reaches the PV cell through the dial creates a low output voltage that can be used to power the smartwatch.

This new step and dream of an everlasting connected product is now made possible by three factors. Firstly, the efficiency improvement of the latest generation of solar panels to gather enough energy to feed the smart features of the watch.

Secondly, a breakthrough energy harvesting IC technology, boosting thevoltage from a mere 40mV, to an unprecedented 92% efficiency which MMT includes in its module. Moreover, thanks to an embedded artificial intelligence algorithm, the IC keeps the highest level of efficiency in any light conditions.

At last, years of experience in ultra-low power design enables MMT to make the best use of energy to power a watch module. Hence the module can run the proven MMT software platform with numerous smart functionalities.

MMT launched a strategic collaboration in which a fully functional watch demonstrator will be developed based on the MMT watch module and software platform. The goal is clearly to enable watch brands to create beautiful, maintenance-free and energy self-sufficient watches, whilst providing more and more smart functionalities.

Manufacture Modules Technologies SA is a Swiss company established in Geneva in 2015 and specialised in the development and commercialization of Horological Smartwatch modules. MMT is one of the leading developers in the Swiss watch industry and supplies products to brands such as Frederique Constant and Alpina among others.

MMT provides an open smartwatch platform for the Watch Industry (including watch firmware, mobile apps iOS/Android and Cloud). MMT platform was distributed to more than 180’000 devices over the world.

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