Speake-Marin “Cabinet des Mystères” – Bespoke Service to Create and Develop Unique Timepieces or Limited Editions on Demand

With the new “Cabinet des Mystères” concept, luxury watch brand Speake-Marin offers the customers an opportunity to create custom designed watches.

Speake-Marin, as an independent watchmaking brand, has the flexibility and the internal resources to design, develop, decorate and assemble timepieces on demand. Speake-Marin has indeed its own creation studio which creates watches, dials, hands, movement finishing and decorations for years.

The studio draws its inspiration from Speake-Marin brand heritage (British, hand shapes, Roman numerals, and skulls). Thus, the creation studio keeps reinventing pieces that will feed the Speake-Marin DNA.

Besides, Speake-Marin owns its dedicated workshop, which can develop customized movements or complications, decorate, engrave and assemble specific watches. Thanks to these assets and a team who is dedicated to please its client expectations, Speake-Marin proposes incredible timepieces through its “Cabinet des Mystères” offer.

The client can come either with a precise design or either with a project which requires to be developed. It could be a wedding anniversary, a gift for a birthday, a specific creation to celebrate somebody or pay tribute to a community, a culture.

Once the project is defined, the creative studio starts a research phase that will generate different design axis. Three to five different drawings are usually presented to the client. One will be selected only. It will be then refined and re-worked with every single detail: decoration, finishing, engravings, colours, typefaces, material… each step is thought and discussed to please the client.

Speake-Marin workshop has thought this service to be able to deliver the client within 14 weeks once the project is validated by the client in terms of design and cost. Speake-Marin has set up a specific organization so as “Cabinet des Mystères” clients can be handled quickly.

The “Cabinet des Mystères” exclusive creations showcase Speake-Marin in-house manufacture movements only.

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