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Buying a luxury watch is every one’s dream and if you get a chance to own a customized version of such an expensive mechanical marvel, it would be more graceful. There are number of legendary watch brands that manufacture excellent mechanical timepieces and complications. However, only few brands in the world offer customization options to such products. However, it needs skilled workman ship and excellent technological innovations to customize a mechanical timepiece with out compromising its performance and looks. When it comes about customized mechanical wristwatches, the name that highlights in mind is Titan Black, a family owned horology brand based at Mayfair area of London, UK.

Titan Black is a London based company specialized in the enhancement of the world’s finest timepieces. They are specialized in working on Rolexes, applying a variety of modifications to bring you an outstanding creation whose rarity and allure speaks for itself. Not only is a Titan Black wristwatch already branded a masterpiece in its own right due to its legendary genetics, but on top of this, its superb black finish and customized features makes it patently exceptional. Titan Black also offers customization options to timepieces produced by other world renowned Swiss watch brands such as Cartier, Omega, Panerai, Audemars Piguet etc.

Panerai Desert Storm Stealth DLC Edition

Titan Black designs are fastidiously executed; the watches are adapted visually with a range of techniques to give them an unrivalled aesthetic supremacy, while ensuring they retain their original spirit and excellence. Titan Black watches are treated with a superior “diamond-like carbon”, or DLC, coating, which bestows them with the most desirable properties of a diamond- hardness, durability and slickness, and makes them aesthetically captivating. The watch faces are then given an array of visual adjustments and finish with the brand’s own discreet signature. In this way, a Titan Black watch is made to reflect the qualities of its wearer- intriguing, distinguished and superior. Titan Black offers a comprehensive range of services in addition to the ready-to-wear line or products that suit the needs of all lovers of fine watch making.

The Titan Black Collection
The brand’s own range of Titan Black watches have been meticulously designed and crafted to bring you the most distinctive and rare incarnations of already legendary Rolex models; by adding innovative touches, these pieces have had a different path carved for themselves, possessing an unsurpassable longevity and enduring sophistication. Titan Black offers a specific in-house collection of some of the most beautiful and astonishing wristwatches in the world.

The customized Rolex models are the high light of Titan Black Collection. It offers the customization to all Rolex lines such as Air King, Daytona, Deep Sea, Explorer, GMT, Milgauss, Sub Mariner and Yacht-Master.

Rolex Milgauss Revenge

The one we feature here is a Rolex Milgauss Revenge model designed in collaboration with Alex Reed. It is a 20 piece limited edition collection that consists of customized editions of original Rolex Milgauss (Reference 116400) model.

The watch of the season would be Rolex Milgauss Valentines Day Edition, a limited edition timepiece created by customizing the Rolex Milgauss (Reference 116400) model. This limited edition timepiece is available in 50 numbered pieces only and it features unique Valentines Edition dial with luminous markers.

Rolex Milgauss Valentines Day Edition

The brand also offers excellent customized limited edition models of Audemars Piguet Offshore line.The Titan Black Collection also offers customized models from Panerai and Cartier. For example, the Panerai Desert Storm Stealth DLC Edition is a customized timepiece created by Titan Black in a limited edition of five pieces.

The timepieces from the Titan Black Collection carry a 24 month warranty.

Bespoke watches
Titan Black is the first and only luxury watch customization company to offer the total personalization of any luxury watch. The options available in terms of customisation are near-limitless, and every bespoke Titan Black watch is unique. The company can create entirely bespoke faces by adding text, logos, patterns or images in any combination of colours desired.

Every watch from Titan Black range has been designed and adapted with each minute detail carefully chosen and scrupulously planned. The brand uses plasma-assisted chemical vapour deposition (PACVD) technology, the technique used to apply the diamond-like carbon to the watches.

107 Grays
58 Davies Street
London W1K 5LP

Website: http://www.titanblack.co.uk

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