Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps – MCT, is a young and innovative Swiss watch company specialising in the design and manufacture of breathtaking and dynamic, luxury timepieces. Its flagship watch model Sequential 1 features a unique mechanical movement, designed, created and assembled by the MCT team.

Denis Giguet, MCT’s founder is on a mission to challenge traditional watch design whilst respecting 200 years of high horological history. Denis aims to find new and innovative ways of reading the time. MCT’s unique and avant-garde designs are seductive, practical and easy to read. Nothing is artificial or superfluous yet the watch displays the time in a very unique and innovative way.

Denis has a long history in the industry and he is clearly a person who wants to help shape the future of high horology. This passionate 39 year old French Engineer, has excellent technical skills and is widely acknowledged as a true connoisseur by his peers. His career journey through the watch making industry has educated him in the intricacies of the most challenging complications and instilled in him the need for perfection throughout the industrial process. After a very successful corporate career, first with Rolex and then Harry Winston, where he is proud to have been responsible for the production of the highly acclaimed Opus Timepieces, Denis fulfilled his ambition to create his own range of high horology timepieces.

In 2006, he established a small consultancy practice where he began to put his dreams into reality, working on his own creations whilst also assisting a handful of top marques to achieve their technical goals. Then in 2007, Denis was ready to develop his first beautiful watch, “Sequential 1”.  In October 2012, MCT was acquired by Cage Holding SA.

Cage Holding, the new owner of MCT, manages a solid group of subsidiaries operating mainly in finance, construction, real estate and trade in Russia and Switzerland.

MCT belongs to a rather exclusive circle of smaller brands, called “boutique manufactures,” which produces watches with in-house movements in small editions or as unique pieces. The root of the French term manufacture means hand-made; and in the case of MCT, this prestigious title is definitely well deserved.

With a DNA featuring equal shares of sophisticated design and mechanical innovation, it is essential for MCT to be able to depend on perfect coordination between these different pillars. The ‘boutique Manufacture’ concept thus takes on its full significance within the company itself, before also proving of benefit to collectors.

Special Features of MCT Watches

  • Audacious design: Along with the largest hour display on the market, MCT timepieces offer unusual, immediate and intuitive reading. The mechanical complexity behind this timepiece is inversely proportional to the simplicity of the read-off – which is quite the opposite of many contemporary complication watches.
  • Innovative idea: MCT Watches is constantly reinventing the display of time and that there are no limits to performance and mechanical creativity in the field of watchmaking.
  • Sophisticated recognizable style: Designers and other connoisseurs immediately appreciate the sapphire insert splitting the case in two and enabling the light to shine in, along with the triangular prism modules providing the largest hour display on the market.
  • In-house movement: Since its creation MCT has unveiled three integrated calibers. They are all distinguished by an original and innovative time display calling for creativity as well as technical dexterity, notably including excellent energy management. Exclusively developed for MCT and now produced in-house, the MCT calibers are admired by devotees of technical innovation, as well as by purists with a penchant for traditional watchmaking. A patent and over 500 parts testify to the degree of sophistication embodied in such a concept, harmoniously combining design and technology, form and function.
  • Limited editions and unique pieces: MCT watches are produced in strictly limited series. Keen on acquiring a bespoke watch or part of an ultra-limited series imbued with the spirit of a true artist? The MCT technical and aesthetic platform comprises a network of acknowledged creative experts who place their talent at the disposal of the most sophisticated requests. For anyone who wishes to personalize the model, the Manufacture is more than happy to oblige.
  • Superior quality: A reliable token of craftsmanship for devotees of fine watchmaking who will recognize in each of the brand’s watches the quality of an authentic manufacture in the truest sense of the term.

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