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History of Riccardo Zannetti is the offspring of a great passion in the field of watchmaking born at the turn of the century when Carmine Zannetti, passionate fanatic of fine mechanics, gave life to that extraordinary adventure in technical perfection and design which is the essence of Zannetti’s creations today. He is succeeded by his son Mario Zannetti, a professor in design and an international artist in his own right.

His geometrical lines still influence today’s production, especially his passion for intricate mechanical workings. So Riccardo Zannetti has inherited an important cultural commitment to which he has skilfully united the talent and perfection of a great watchmaker with a special talent. His workshop has now been transformed into a modern design laboratory and he is one of the few people still carrying on a tradition that began 500 years ago whose aim is still that of spreading Italian creativity all over the world.

Zannetti  has  inherited  an  important  commitment, which  is  based  on  a  constructive,  conceptual  and uncompromising philosophy. The  technological  excellence  of  its  timepieces, along  with  the  art  expressed  by  Zannetti’s  skilful watchmakers and craftsmen, contributes in creating unique  and  highly  distinguishing  watches  that  are worldwide appreciated. Each watch created by Zannetti has its own soul, history and personality, proudly unique in its gender.

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