Rado is a Swiss manufacturer of high-end watches, with headquarters in Lengnau, Switzerland. It is noted for its use of scratch-proof materials, a field in which it is considered a pioneer. Today the company produces about half a million watches a year with a staff of about 300 in total.

Formed in 1917, Rado initially produced watch movements only. In 1957 the company launched its first collection of watches under the Rado brand. In 1962 the Rado Diastar Original, the world’s first scratch-proof watch, was launched. It has been in production ever since.

Rado is very peculiar in the watch industry, claiming high-end status despite not having as long a history as brands such as Omega. Rather the brand claims its elite position by virtue of its technological innovations since then.

In 1983 Rado became part of the SMH group which was renamed in 1998 as the Swatch Group. Rado differs from some of the more traditional luxury Swiss watchmakers in that it uses unconventional precious materials to achieve a more futuristic look. Rado has pioneered the use of a number of these materials, e.g., high-tech diamonds, ceramics, lanthanum and sapphire crystal. Many of Rado’s products include the use of steel & gold in harmony with high tech materials to allow for affordability to end consumers while enjoying the scratch resistant material.

Other than the material, Rado watches also look very different from most of the other luxury makers. The company is much more adventurous in constructing the shape of its watches than would normally be expected of a high-end maker. Market reaction to this is generally mixed, with some preferring the look of the more traditional makers, and others appreciating the more distinct Rado look.

Official Website : http://www.rado.com/en/

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