Magrette Timepieces

“Magrette Timepieces” is a boutique watch company based in Auckland (City of Sails), New Zealand.

They produce watches in restricted batches at a time to focus on creating quality product for their customers. The brand has been founded by Dion Wynyard McAsey – former Managing Director of a Creative Agency. Design of watches are inspired from simplicity of the past, New Zealand’s rich culture and passion in yachting. First model from the company was the Marcus Chronograph Manual Wind.

The MAGRETTE story began while Dion Wynyard McAsey was working as Managing Director of a Creative Agency. He was busy working on designs for a French-Canadian watch company when the inkling of an idea was born…why not build a watch brand?.

Dion Wynyard McAsey was inspired by older world & the stories in the lines on the faces of elderly people and he liked the simplicity of the past. He decided that his vision of a timepiece that wouldn`t be influenced by trends, but something that was time tested & true. Indeed, something that might still be stylish when our grand kids are all growing up.

One day by chance, McAsey glimpsed a name that spoke these words to him – Mysterious, Alluring, Old World, Strong – that name was MAGRETTE (MAR-GRET- TEE). Next had to come the New Zealand connection. As a fan of classic yachts McAsey knew his brand had to associate itself with yachting.

The Magrette emblem promotes its design philosophy and heritage.The logo combines the strength and protection offered by the shield with the poignant symbolism of the Koru. Magrette cases have to be strong and bold in their design to protect the intricate automatic movements . The koru complements this synergy beautifully with its suggestion of perpetual movement carried in the unfurling of a fern frond – a symbolism unique to traditional New Zealand culture.

MAGRETTE timepieces are strong, robust and made for everyday wear. The design is based on ‘classic modern’. The brand uses genuine mechanical movements and produce timepieces in small batches at a time. All Magrette watches come with a 12 month guarantee so in the unlikely event of there being a malfunction, components are quickly replaced at no cost to the customer.

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