Quentin Carnaille

Based in Lille, France, Quentin Carnaille is a unique brand which creates sculptures, jewellery, accessories and watches using parts of watch mechanisms. Its founder Roubaix Quentin Carnaille had already won several awards for his time sculptures and jewellery creations made with ancient watch mechanisms.

The Unique Quentin Carnaille sculpture watch model (However they do not display time!) can cost anywhere between 1200 €and 5000 € and horological Cufflinks are available from 290 € onwards. Quentin Carnaille also offers accessories such as rings, bracelet and pendent watch all made with watch mechanisms.

He also creates highly valuable art crafts, sculptures and portables using the recycled watch mechanisms. The Apesanteur, Infini and Triptyque are among the exceptional time sculptures created by Quentin Carnaille.

Apesanteur, Time sculpture

Contact details
Quentin Carnaille Boutique
62 rue du faubourg des postes 59000


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