Moritz Grossmann ATUM Pure Weltmeister Edition 2018

Vive les Bleus! Vive la France! German luxury watch brand Moritz Grossmann is celebrating the victory of France in FIFA World Cup 2018 by presenting the special-edition ATUM Pure Weltmeister edition 2018.


Based on the ATUM Pure X line, this world cup watch features a sporty steel case paired with an individually designed World Cup dial. The Calibre 201.1 boasts an eye-catching football-shaped filigree dial insert. The final score [4 : 2] with the year 2018 on the watch face and the fingers and straps will be in France’s national colours.

The number of limited-edition ATUM Pure Weltmeisteredition 2018 watches released corresponds to the number of goals in the final and so just six are available, and the German RRP will be 16,000 EUR incl. VAT.

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