Lancaster, Pennsylvania, famous for its Amish community, has a rich watchmaking heritage that owes much to the famed Hamilton Watch Company. RGM calls this same area home, with their facilities in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. RGM is not a conventional luxury watch brand. RGM produces timeless classics reminiscent of traditional mechanical watches of the past.

Just as legendary watchmakers have personally sold their complicated movements and expertise to fascinated watch connoisseurs, Roland Murphy, RGM’s American-born founder, markets his exclusive collection of custom-designed complications in similar fashion. Unlike many modern watch brands, the name behind these masterpieces is alive, well, and willing to personally educate and inform consumers about his creations.

Cherished by passionate watch collectors, RGM watches are crafted only in an extremely small series and made of 18k gold, platinum, or stainless steel. They feature hand-finished cases and such elements as Engine-Turned (Guilloché) dials and blued-steel hands. In every case they are of the highest quality in their price range. Every limited-edition watch is individually numbered and signed.

RGM is small enough to offer exclusivity, yet experienced and knowledgeable enough to offer a wide array of options to the discerning buyer. RGM offers customizations that range from the simple to the sublime. A “production model” RGM watch can be customized with a unique dial or a personalized engraved rotor. The wristwatch connoisseur who desires a truly unique piece can work with RGM staff to create a timepiece designed to your specifications.

RGM’s most recent venture has been to create the first mechanical watch movement to produced in a series on American soil since the late 1960’s – the Caliber 801. Named for the street address of the RGM Watch Company’s work shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the new movement represents a bold step in American horology. The introduction of Caliber 801 is meant to celebrate a milestone, not only in RGM’s history, but also in the tradition of American watchmaking.

In addition to creating fine watches, RGM also repairs and restores some of the finest timepieces from the most famous houses worldwide. The range of services includes cosmetic work, such as refinishing cases and bracelets or replacing crystals; movement overhauls, with disassembly, cleaning, lubricating, and reassembly being just the starting point; custom modifications, such as the addition of one-of-a-kind dials or movement complications; and beyond.

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