Karl Falk was born in 1874 and lived in Stuttgart, Germany. Throughout his life, he had a passion for watches and the watch making process. He spent much time in his workshop examining the mechanics and workings of the pocket watches and wristwatches of the time. He passed on much of his knowledge to the younger generations of his family, who in turn also devoted much time to exploring and learning about the world of watches.

Karl Falk would say how he hoped that one day, he would craft his own timepieces for people all over the world. To fulfil his ambition, Karl Falk’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren have taken his knowledge that he passed down through generations and created the first Karl Falk watches.

The signature pieces of the collection are mechanical single hand watches in a range called the ‘Einzeiger’. (‘Einzeiger’ means ‘Single Hand’ in German).

Drawing inspiration from the first pocket watches created in 1524 by Peter Henlein, the Einzeiger watches are a classic design example featuring a range of carefully thought out design details resulting in a precision made watch that is beautiful in its simplicity yet outstanding in its functionality.

The Einzeiger watches have a single hour hand which denotes the time in 5 minute intervals with every 15 minutes marked by a more prominent line. The red tip of the hand enables precision time reading. The dial is simple and uncluttered, allowing clear and concise time reading. The glass backs allow the viewing of the mechanics in action. The movements are deliberately undecorated so that the aesthetics of the entire watch adhere to the concept of simplicity yet functionality.

The clasp on the stainless steel bracelet has been technically designed so that the bracelet can be opened and closed with the minimum of effort. All the Karl Falk watches are fitted with a sapphire crystal glass face (scratch resistant), which means the watches can be worn on a daily basis in most circumstances without worrying about potential scratches or damage.

The Karl Falk watches are water resistant to 5ATM – an international standard which means that the watches are water resistant under certain conditions such a splashing, showering or swimming. All the Karl Falk watches are guaranteed against material or manufacturing defects for 2 years from date of purchase.

The focus of these watches is not only on the aesthetics but also on the functionality and therefore the quality. The watches are crafted in Germany by expert watch makers and they boast Swiss mechanics which are renowned for their precision.

The Einzeigers are fitted with a leather strap (which has side air vents) and come with an additional stainless steel strap and a watch tool kit comprising of eye loupe, watch penknife (this has a normal penknife blade, plus a blunter, flatter blade), watch band pin remover, metal tweezers, spring bar tool and screwdriver. These items will enable easy interchanging between the leather and stainless steel strap and shortening and lengthening of the stainless steel strap as required.

Alexandra Hennige, the great-granddaughter of Karl Falk and the company Marketing Director, lives in the UK and runs the operations from the UK Head Office.

Official website: http://www.karlfalk.com

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