Watch Analysis® – Competitive Intelligence Tool for Luxury Watch Marketing Professionals

While browsing through the interesting web pages of horology and its associated industries, I found an exceptional tool which is very useful for the promotional and marketing aspects of luxury watches. However this tool is not at all for watch maker’s bench, but recommended for the guy who sits in the marketing department.

Thanks to the evolution of social media and blogs, the Swiss luxury watch industry is offering a rapid growth. The brands and becoming more social and the market is also getting crowded resulting in stiff competition from rival brands.

Today is very necessary for a watch brand to find most effective way to make substantial savings of  time  and  money,  and  to  present  a  consistent image  over  the  long  term. For a professional in watch marketing, he or she must know that the right strategic decisions are based on careful analysis of the competition. Having instant access to reliable, relevant data about the competitors is vital in staying ahead of market trends.

The Watch Analysis® is a web based tool which is exclusively dedicated for marketing professional of horology industry. Based at St. Blaise, Switzerland, Odygos offers the cutting edge Watch Analysis®, the first product-focused competitive intelligence tool specifically for watch marketing professionals. In short it is like the Google analytics tools for horology.


The Watch Analysis® gives the real-time access to maximum information about watches on the market, this will help to analyse the competition. Watch  Analysis® sources  this  data  directly  from brands’  official  catalogues  and  compiles  it  into  a comprehensive survey of the products on the market. Twice-yearly updates guarantee information is always complete.

Watch Analysis® by Odygos is available in English and in French.  It provides total security and complete confidentiality: the data can be loaded directly to the hard drive. Log in to the Watch Analysis® account will generate an unlimited number of reports, by defining the specified parameters to simulate and compare strategies.

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