GREINER is an independent watch brand based at a small German town Schorndorf, 30km east of Stuttgart. They create most unusual watches of exclusive top quality, worldwide beyond compare. Art, perfection, sophistication and creativity of two passionate masters of their art bring out never seen watches which are the dream of watch enthusiasts’ world wide.

Master watchmaker Günter Salomon and master jeweller Rainer Töpler create with highest affection these little wonders, they even make the unmistakable cases with their own hands. Nothing seems to be impossible to the two masters.

Daring skeleton work, engravings, sparkling diamonds even most tiny sculptures inside of the watch-movements amaze the observers’ eyes. Specially developed mechanics bring these small sculptures into life, watch cases become an overwhelming adventure of most finely sculptured landscapes and pictures.

For the customer this means that he or she- owns an absolutely unique piece of art, a wonder of highest watchmakers’ and jewellers’ art. The artists are able and willing to realize even the most extraordinary wishes of their customers to complete satisfaction and even match to surpass highest expectations.


Anybody who loves his home, who feels a deep relation to it, likes to let it know to other people. A way to do this, which is most noble and discreet at the same time are the tradition watches by Greiner. The customer can chose his favourite model from a wide variety of watch cases.

Movements may be mechanical or quartz driven. A photograph or a drawing is the base of master Töplers’ work. He engraves the desired picture with skilled hand and decades of experience only using traditional hand stitches. To protect the silver dial from oxidation, strong rhodium plating is supplied. Additional gold plating enhances detail of the picture.

These watches are wonderful gifts for anniversaries, memorials, weddings or other important occasions. Anybody who sets great store on individual, personal gifts of highest quality will be proud of owning one of these watches. Their very much demanded traditional watches can be made with pictures of any town, any place, and any country. Monuments, sceneries, landscapes, skylines, the choice is free for the customers.

Theme watches

Greiner always gives the greatest importance to the personal and individual character of a watch. So the brand offers to realize any theme customers may desire in a noble wristwatch or pocket watch. Customers may chose freely between a number of watch cases and colours. Mechanical and quartz driven movements are available.


Your favourite dog, your loved cat, your beautiful horse or any animal you want will be great engraved on a gold and rhodium plated silver dial in your personal watch. Different pictures may easily be combined to a new impressive composition which makes a beautiful jewel out of a watch.

Hand engraving polishing and gold plating in a very masterly manner brings out your theme in an outstanding way. On the few square centimetres of the dial sparkles finest detail which is nearly smaller than a human eye may see. Masterly combination of different gold colours achieves astonishing effects on the hand engraved silver dial.

Tactless Collection

GREINER’s another well known collection is TACTLESS ,undoubtedly, the wrist-watches with erotic figure play. These watches are made completely from 18ct gold. The watch cases are by hand manufactured and also available in gold, platinum or high-grade steel.

The art of a master watchmaker

Decades of experience, technical intuition and an immense talent of dexterity speak out of these watch wonders which are not only for experts simply overwhelming.

Although the watchmaking starts up with a perfectly working Swiss movement, even the most experienced master has to give all his skills face to the challenge of developing the fine mechanisms which move the tiny figures, or in fixing the watch parts, most artfully skeletted and engraved by the master jeweller.

For sure the customers not only expect a most beautiful and complicated piece of art but also a precisely working watch movement which always gives the exact time. Traditional and modern work processes found in the hands of the master watchmaker to let the most complicated mechanisms work in a most easy way.

The art of the master Jeweller

To create these delicate splendid masterpieces of art the jeweller has to unite an unusual variety of highly complex working skills in his own two hands. It starts up with the hand engraving, which needs decades of experience and a big lot of talent to get to perfection.

Absolute competence in skeleton work and the intuitive feeling of shape and sculpture adds to perfect stone setting skill. All must be united by the instinct of an artist to alloy all these talents to an unique unforgettable piece of art.

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