Habring² is an independent luxury watch brand based in Austria. Eponym for Habring² and, of course, the driving force behind each project is Maria & Richard Habring. Married couple and working couple at the same time. Both, Maria and Richard Habring are associates of Habring Uhrentechnik OG which was founded 2007.

Based in Völkermarkt in Carinthia, just about halfway between Vienna and Venice, more precisely an atelier located at Hauptplatz 16, suffused with light and with a wonderful view onto lakes and mountains.

Maria & Richard Habring

The first Habring² was presented 2004 and first delivered 2005. By the end of 2007 the maximum capacity of the family business from total about 50 watches a year has been reached. In the production process a Habring² is only touched by two pair of Hands: Maria and Richard Habring’s.

Habring² watches are available at selected partners worldwide: Frankfurt/Main in Germany, Lucerne in Switzerland, San Francisco, Singapore, and Tokyo and directly in the atelier in Völkermarkt in Austria.

Maria & Richard Habring understand themselves to be the custom tailor of watch making art. Customer requests are highly welcome. Whether single or very limited pieces in cooperation with the partners – each Habring² will be built to order. Individual projects can take up to 18 months of development time.

Main focus is set on Tourbillons, the exclusive jumping second and on chronographs. The classic and timeless design and the elegant restraint is what they all have in common. With smart and innovative solutions such as the jumping second, the Tourbillon or the „Crown Operation System“ (COS) Maria & Richard Habring are proving each year anew that the development of the classical mechanic wristwatch is still not to an end. Environmental care and careful consideration with resources are a matter of course.


HABRING Uhrentechnik
Hauptplatz 16
9100 Völkermarkt
Official website: www.habring2.com

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