In 2008, the Swiss-based company Zino Davidoff SA embarked on a new adventure, one marked by creative challenges, new territories to conquer and new partners to share it with. This adventure is a tribute to the living memory of Zino Davidoff, evidence of loyalty to his founding ideas and to the demanding and innovative principles which built both the company and the myth, stone by stone.

Today, after just two generations, the Davidoff brand resonates throughout the world as one of the ultimate touchstones for exclusivity. At the source of this success story lies the founder and the eponym himself: Zino Davidoff (1906-1994).

With a combination of energy and determination, Zino Davidoff built the family business and steered it towards success. His expertise, tenacity and intuition made him a natural leader, while his unique personality earned him the status of myth.

When Zino took over his father’s tobacco store in the 1930s, it was just one of many similar stores found in Europe’s larger cities. Twenty-five years later his name was internationally renowned and his store had a list of prestigious and impressive clients including actors, writers and politicians. Zino’s prime focus was quality. Forever determined to offer the best, he received inspiration through his travels to the four corners of the earth. Working with craftsmen on their products, he understood the long and indispensable sequence of gestures required to produce impeccable quality. Throughout his life, he never ceased expressing his respect for this craftsmanship.

Zino was an artisan of a happy life, guided by the experiencing and sharing of pleasure. His ideas were simple: to experience pleasure and earn well-deserved recognition and respect; to take the time to enjoy what nature and hard work offer; to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and share them with friends. He turned his principles into a lifestyle, a philosophy, and he lived by his motto: “Pleasure in a thing of beauty is the essence of a happy life!”

Zino had an unquenchable thirst to discover the world, to scour the continents. He was around 20 years old when he embarked on a long five-year voyage that took him to Argentina, Brazil and Cuba, and did it in the 1920s, when travelling was harsh and difficult and social expectations were different from today.

Through his travels he not only gained valuable experience for his business, but also lived out his great passion for music, dancing and art. Even after having sold his business, Zino’s desire and enthusiasm to explore new places and experience new things did not diminish. Indeed it was his destiny, and travelling remained his great passion. Zino’s life, with its extraordinary experiences and encounters, is a constant source of inspiration for the Zino Davidoff team of today.

Today, Davidoff is a luxury brand internationally renowned for its quality products. The spirit of Zino Davidoff lives on within the company as a source of inspiration for everything from product development to marketing and communication. In 1980, Zino Davidoff SA was founded as a legally separated and independent company from the tobacco business. The latter was and is owned and run by the company Oettinger Imex AG.

Among the founders of Zino Davidoff SA was Zino Davidoff himself. His aim was to build the brand into an international luxury brand and to bring the philosophy of “Pleasure and enjoyment of the beautiful things in life” through a varied range of premium products. Zino Davidoff SA started its journey by awarding licences to various companies for the use of the Davidoff brand.

Today the company, together with its partners, offers products in the categories of watches, perfumes, eyewear, textiles (ties), leather goods, writing instruments, cognac and coffee. The success of the Davidoff brand is based on the acknowledged philosophy of the founder Zino Davidoff.

The principles of the company are clear: products and services bearing the Davidoff brand must represent the finest quality, style, authenticity, honesty and positive lifestyle embraced by Zino. This pure enjoyment of life, combined with Zino’s spirit of in-depth professional expertise, his special ability to treat every customer with special attentiveness, contributes to the company’s success today.

At the beginning of 2000, the Davidoff brand was re-positioned to meet the needs of a more active and modern target group. A new logo was designed to convey the contemporary lifestyle positioning and shortly thereafter Zino Davidoff Trading AG was established to handle the luxury accessories products by itself.

At the BASELWORLD 2008, Zino Davidoff SA launched its new lifestyle concept. In this concept you will find an immaculate collection of Swiss-made watches for men and women, leather goods traditionally crafted in Italy, and meticulously finished writing instruments from Germany.

Official website: http://www.zinodavidoff.com/watches/

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