HAUTLENCE is a Swiss luxury watch brand based at Neuchâtel, the historic capital of the land of watchmaking. Neuchâtel has a tradition of precision and innovation. The surrounding area has accrued a great deal of experience, which has contributed to Neuchâtel’s reputation for quality, in terms of advanced technology & authentic craftsmanship making the world of manufacturing procedures a unique & passionate play field for HAUTLENCE. Neuchâtel is the true cradle of modern watchmaking. In its constant search for identity and performance, the new brand has decided to unite its destiny with the capital by taking an anagram of Neuchâtel for its name – HAUTLENCE.

HAUTLENCE came into being on the initiative of Renaud de Retz, Guillaume Tetu, with Jean Plazenet, Jean- Christophe Chopin and Alain de Forges. Whether from the world of watchmaking or other precision industries, these enthusiasts have joined forces, shared their rich respective entrepreneurial and industrial experiences, and come together to develop products that conform to a shared philosophy of watchmaking.

In 2012, MELB family holding company, owned by Georges-Henri Meylan and his family acquired the entire capital of HAUTLENCE.

The Atelier d’horlogerie contemporaine HAUTLENCE
The atelier d’horlogerie contemporaine HAUTLENCE consists of watchmakers, designers and engineers, supported by the incredible watch industry talent from the Neuchâtel region. Its focus is to explore new avenues in time display. The research and development team is dedicated to creating exclusive, original and entirely in-house developed horological content, with all parts made by the best craftsmen from the region.

Once assembled on the workbenches, all these components are meticulously checked one by one and then patiently assemble. A watchmaker will then assemble all the parts for hours, days and sometimes weeks, in order to life to a timepiece. All are works of art designed and produced in limited numbers; HAUTLENCE watches stem from a global reflection on the theme of the golden section and on achieving perfectly balanced forms. They are pieces of pure horological architecture.

HAUTLENCE is currently defined in terms of three separate worlds, all related to architecture and design, while nurturing the inseparable ties between form and function:-

  • CONCEPTS D’EXCEPTION – Dedicated to Pioneering Mechanical Watchmaking: These models are the outcome of out-of-the box thinking, which leads to fantastic ideas that other industries refer to as concepts. Several years are required to develop and mature these exceptional products that showcase the expertise and creative cultivated by HAUTLENCE. The ultra-exclusive concepts developed in a pioneering spirit that takes the brand far off the beaten track, are able to catch the eye of the most demanding collector. (Series: HL2.0).
  • ORIGINE – Dedicated to Architecture, Industrial Aesthetics: The Origine collection represents the architectural DNA of HAUTLENCE. The integration of the calibre within the shape of the case is thus an inspired balance between aesthetic desires and technical and industrial constraints. Like architecture, this renders elegant that which is useful and this purity reveals the timeless nature of the object. (Series: HL, HLQ, HLQ Classic, HLC and Destination).
  • AVANT-GARDE – A Nod to Contemporary Design, Ergonomics: Offering a contemporary interpretation of ergonomic shapes and a choice of innovative materials, AVANT-GARDE enriches the brand range while addressing a new clientele. It embodies a renewed expression of mechanical codes, as well as the use of materials and shapes made possible by new advanced technologies. (Series: HLRS, HLRQ).

HAUTLENCE has thus far equipped all its models with in-house developed and assembled calibres under the “ATELIER” label. While the development of its own movements is an integral part of the brand DNA and will continue to be so, HAUTLENCE has made no secret of its interest in external cooperative endeavours on certain lines. Under the “SIGNATURE” commercial label, the brand now offers models equipped with externally sourced movements. DESTINATION, the new line presented at Baselworld 2013, was the first to be equipped with an existing movement – in this instance a Soprod 9351 movement.

HAUTLENCE timepieces are created and produced in keeping with the finest Swiss watchmaking traditions and are stamped on the caseback with the inscription “Horlogerie Suisse”. Apart from the straps, certain high -tech parts and the sapphire crystals, all parts are indeed developed, produced, decorated and assembled in Switzerland, including 90% in Canton Neuchâtel.

Contact details
Rue Numa Droz 150,
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
Tel.: +41 32 924 00 60
Fax: +41 32 924 00 64
Official website: http://www.hautlence.com

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