Excellence and innovation in the art of time measurement, both technological and stylistic, are fundamental principles rooted in the DNA of CYRUS, whose philosophy is to pursue the “Conquest of Innovation”.

The brand, founded in 2010 and owned by a wealthy Swiss family with a passion for high end mechanical watches, is part of the CYRUS Watches Group, as is CHRONODE, which is its internal Manufacture located in Le Locle (Switzerland). Chronode also collaborates with other watch brands. The movements made for CYRUS remain exclusive.

CYRUS is one of the rare independent Swiss fine watchmaking manufactures which, thanks to its know-how and productive autonomy, can express the maximum creative freedom in the realisation of its watches, from planning to design, prototyping, production of calibres, decoration, testing and final assembly.

Co-founded by Julien and Laurent Lecamp, the brand introduced its first two watch collections KUROS and KLEPCYS, at Geneva Time Exhibition in 2011.

From the start, the Maison has worked with the aim of positioning itself in the watchmaking panorama as an exclusive brand in the technological vanguard, featuring a strong, uncompromising identity regarding the excellence of its quality, in keeping with a centuries-long tradition. Respect for this illustrious past is a constant driver of CYRUS’s future.

CYRUS owes its name to Cyrus the Great, the famous Persian king who lived in the 6th century B.C. During the reign of Cyrus the Great, a coin was minted with the images of the lion and the bull. The original of one of these coins, dating back to 2500 years ago, is jealously guarded by the CYRUS ownership and we find the same symbols on some of the precious timepieces produced.

In 2014, the full ownership of the brand was transferred to Dr. Pablo Richard and his father Dr. Hans-Peter Richard, the private investors who joined hands with Julien and Laurent Lecamp when they founded CYRUS in 2010.

Leading the brand are two personalities, perfectly complementary, with long and highly qualified experience in the sector.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS MOJON, a famous master watchmaker heads the Manufacture, of which he is founder and co-owner. His passion for making avant-garde mechanical watches and his enthusiasm for this work have made him the creator of calibres with a new concept that animate models like the Klepcys Moon, with patented aligned reading of the time and an original retrograde date display, or the new Klepcys Vertical Tourbillon, which has this sophisticated complication positioned on a vertical axis, inclined 90°, at the centre of the dial.

WALTER RIBAGA, appointed General Manager of Cyrus in 2017, boasts a lofty professional curriculum. In over 35 years of activity for prestigious brands in the sector, he has matured deep experience in the management of all the aspects of watchmaking, which ranges for production, to supply , international distribution, sales, marketing, administration and after-sales service. His great abilities in mastering the various skills required in this sector have brought a burst of optimism and dynamism, factors that have contributed to increasing CYRUS’s renown among watch buffs and collectors.

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