Casio PRO TREK PRG330 Summer Special

For this summer season in USA, Casio launches two new color ways for its PRO TREK PRG330 timepiece. Now in black and pink, the PRG330-1 and PRG330-4 are ideal for a wide range of outdoor adventures from hiking and biking, to swimming and rafting. The PRG330-1 and PRG330-4 also have a smaller case size making them great accessories for everyday wear.

The PRO TREK PRG330-1 and PRG330-4 offer Casio’s Triple Sensor Version 3 Technology, which provides outdoor enthusiasts with fast, precise data readings to help navigate through any adventure. The timepieces include a direction sensor for compass readings, pressure sensor for altimeter/barometer readings and a thermo sensor for temperature readings, enabling the user to effortlessly monitor all the needed information on outdoor conditions.

Casio PRO TREK PRG330 Summer Special Collection: PRG330-1 (Black) and PRG330-4 (Pink) Models

Furthermore, with Casio’s Tough Solar Power technology, users can charge the timepiece in low or fluorescent light, eliminating the need for continuous battery replacement. It will also power down when not exposed to light for a certain period of time, thus conserving energy.

Designed with a soft resin band and aluminum panel bezel, the PRO TREK PRG330-1 and PRG330-4 will be available this July for $200 at select retailers nationwide and online.

Technical details

Model: Casio PRO TREK PRG330 Summer Special Edition

Water resistance up to 100 meters
Low temperature resistance
Sunrise and sunset data
World time (48 + UTC)
Full auto LED (Super Illuminator) backlight w/ afterglow
Four daily alarms and one snooze alarm
1/10-second stopwatch
Countdown timer
Power saving function

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